Students Reinventing Cities

Zhenjiang © gyn9038
Sao Paulo © Alex Robinson Photography
Rome © Alexander Spatari
New Orleans © Art Wager
Montreal © Pierre Ogeron
Milan © narvikk_b
Melbourne © kokkai
Lisbon © Loic Lagarde
Freetown © Viti
Durban © michaeljung
Chengdu © Philippe LeJeanvre
Barcelona © Allan Baxter
Amman © Emad Aljumah

New 2023 edition of the global competition for university students to share their vision for green & thriving neighbourhoods

After the success of the past edition, C40 has launched a new round of Students Reinventing Cities in 12 cities globally. Students Reinventing Cities provides a unique opportunity for academics and students to collaborate with global cities to imagine a more sustainable and inclusive urban future, by rethinking how neighbourhoods identified by cities are planned and designed and developing transformative solutions aligned with the 15-minute city concept.

Submit your proposal by Thursday 8 June (unless otherwise specified on the site page). Apply now!
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