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How can we make our cities safer, greener, and more just? We're giving all schools the opportunity to join Schools Reinventing Cities.

Launched in partnership with Minecraft Education, Schools Reinventing Cities is a program that challenges students around the world to design climate solutions for a more sustainable and inclusive future in their city. The program provides a platform to showcase the ingenious ideas of young people to a broader audience and establishes a connection between the youth voice and decision-makers in their respective cities. Now, we are extending an invitation to everyone to participate in the program.

This toolkit has been developed for cities, schools, and teachers to create their very own Schools Reinventing Cities initiative. By using a customizable template of a city in Minecraft Education, students are tasked with the challenge of envisioning, renovating, and constructing a replica of their own city's sustainable future, one block at time. With step-by-step instructions, special items to use, interactive characters and more, join the movement to empower your community and build a better world using the Schools Reinventing Cities Toolkit. We can't wait to see your ideas for your neighbourhood. 


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