Torrent d'Estadella

Barcelona, Catalonia - Spain

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Torrent d'Estadella is located in the Sant Andreu District, in the north-east of Barcelona.

Torrent d'Estadella is an industrial area located in the district of Sant Andreu, in the north-eastern part of the city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. The project area is rectangular in shape, as it was previously used as agricultural land. It is strategically located and seamlessly connected to Barcelona's city centre and surrounding towns. 

The area is close to the Besós River, and two important railway lines.  One of them, La Sagrera - Sant Andreu, is recently covered, creating walking areas on the top. However, these differing levels have created a discontinuous public space. This area is currently being transformed, and has the potential to be a new urban hub, due to its proximity to the future La Sagrera high-speed rail station, the new Camí Comtal and Besòs River linear parks and the Mercedes site.

In the surrounding area, there is a great diversity of urban typologies, including, new housing, developments, industrial areas, the historic centre of Sant Andreu and important infrastructure, such as the Fabra i Coats enclosure. Proposals should seek to preserve industrial activity, whilst seeking new uses for the empty or inactive warehouses to generate additional commercial activity.  The City aims to modernise the existing infrastructure and create a sustainable and energy-efficient environment for all users, such as permanent residents, daily workers and visitors. 

Approx. site area

  • Study Site: 80,5 ha. approx. (Yellow)
  • Intervention Site: 29,0 ha. approx. (Red)

Key Information:

  • Population of Bon Pastor: 12,594
  • Population of Sant Andreu: 148,232
  • Population of Barcelona: 1.620,343
  • Empty industrial warehouses: 9
  • Inactive industrial warehouses: 27
  • Total industrial warehouses opportunity: 36
  • Primary sectors: Metal products and Recycling and waste.

Priority areas & main expectations:

The project should develop strategies that focus on the following areas:

  • Regenerating the site’s industrial fabric by repurposing empty warehouses. 

  • Improving connections between the site and its surroundings.

  • Boosting the number of recreational greens accessible to both residents and workers.

  • Integrating accessible sustainable mobility options.

  • Increasing buildings’ energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

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Sant Andreu District
Barcelona Spain