Reinventing Cities

Seeking creative minds with a vision for a greener urban future!

RC 2020

A global competition for innovative, carbon-free and resilient urban projects

Initiated by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and made possible thanks to the support of Climate KIC, Reinventing Cities is a global competition that seeks to transform underutilized sites through sustainable and community-focused projects to drive decarbonised and resilient urban regeneration. 

To amplify the success of the first competition, C40 is now enabling cities to continuously join Reinventing Cities with new sites, to create an ongoing and dynamic competition and to catalyse systemic change.  Today, C40 is launching 25 new sites to be reinvented in 9 cities: Cape Town, Chicago, Dubai, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Reykjavik, Roma and Singapore.

Through this competition, C40 and the participating cities invite multi-disciplinary teams of architects, planners, developers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, start-ups, neighbourhood collectives, innovators and artists to submit proposals which deliver carbon neutral and resilient urban regeneration, and can serve as a model for city landmarks of the future.
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of a Reinventing Cities Competition

Phase 1

Preparation of the Expression of Interest

Selection of the Finalists

Phase 2

Preparation of Final Proposals

Selection of Winning Projects

3 to 5 months

2 to 3 months

4 to 6 months

2 to 3 months

Words from Mayors

Climate change and global warming present an existential threat to the human race and will require a unified global response at all levels of society. Scientists estimate that we are currently on a trajectory that will increase average global temperatures by two degrees above pre-industrial levels by 2100. If these emissions are not appropriately addressed, cities will become increasingly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change.

At the heart of the city lies an opportunity, as urban density presents a greener way of living. Urban density can create the possibility for a better quality of life and a lower carbon footprint through more efficient infrastructure and improved urban planning.

Therefore, cities and private actors must work together to showcase new models for decarbonized development, buildings, and services to households and businesses in hopes for their widespread uptake and adoption.

As Mayors, we are committed with the C40 to move a step forward in our fight against climate change and to organize Reinventing Cities, an unprecedented global competition to stimulate sustainable development and to celebrate innovative solutions to environmental and urban challenges.

We hope Reinventing Cities will set new standards of carbon-neutral and resilient development and will enable the implementation of projects across a wide range of architecture practices, typologies and uses. With this competition, we are calling the private actors to work with us to identify new solutions and to deliver the city of tomorrow, today.

Mayors of the participating Cities 
Mayors of the participating cities (Auckland, Cape Town, Chicago, Houston, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, Montréal, Oslo, Paris, Portland, Reykjavik, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, San Francisco, Vancouver)


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