South Metropolitan Green Corridor

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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The proposed study area runs from Ariel Sharon Park to Haaliya Beach, in southern Tel Aviv -Yafo.

Tel Aviv-Yafo is facing huge urban renewal and infrastructure projects to help cope with the predicted 20% population growth by 2035. Yet, the vision for a sustainable, resilient city that provides quality of life, connections to nature, and a healthy environment in a changing climate remains a consistent priority.

Tension exists between urban density and the protection and development of urban nature sites. The southern part of Tel Aviv-Yafo was identified as more vulnerable to extreme heat waves and floods. The selected site faces these challenges, as well as taking into account the needs of the diverse populations in the surrounding area.

As planning for the South Metropolitan Green Corridor is in its early stages, the city is seeking creative ideas to transform the corridor itself and specific areas within it, such as Davidov Park and main traffic interjections.

The goal is to create a green corridor that connects Ariel Sharon Park, a restored landfill site in the east, to the Coastal Corridor in the west. Approximately three kilometres of open space has the potential to become a significant ecological and communal anchor in an area that has a low ratio of nature vs. buildings, especially compared to the northern part of the city, which is much greener.

The South Metropolitan Green Corridor is marked on the maps but, in practice, functions differently. In the city's vision, the Corridor connects east and west alongside small and large city parks and gardens that it crosses. The corridor should consider residents' needs while addressing green building codes and other regulations to create a positive impact, increase well-being, and contribute to the city's successful revival.

Approx. site area:

The corridor length between Kidron Park and the Winter Ponds near Holon intersection is 3.2 Km and has been sectioned into five parts for the competition.

Key Information:

The corridor crosses three southern neighbourhoods with a diverse population of 3% of the city population. The area has a low population density and a higher dependency rate than the city's average. In addition, 26% of the residents are migrants.

Priority areas & main expectations:

The project's goal is to connect the various sections of the corridor and to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Each section has different environmental, planning, and communal challenges to address. We would like the teams to visit the corridor and map the needs and area characteristics to plan adequate solutions if possible.

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