Quito, Ecuador

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Winning team: Step8
Team members: Luis Barragan, Camila Muñoz, Marco Suntaxi, Cristina Salguero, Kelly Proaño, Diana Encalada, Gabriela Fustillos, Tricia Maya, Valery Molina - Universidad Internacional del Ecuador
Advisor: Ignacio Espinosa, Cecilia Puertas, Andrea Jaramillo, Nelson Veintimilla

The aim of this project is to improve public space by creating streets, improving lighting and neighborhood etiquette with social infrastructure that improves the health, education, culture and recreation of the population. This is done through the renovation of the congested neighbourhood in order to facilitate urban mobility and generate a better connection with existing neighbourhoods. A 20% reduction in transport emissions is expected. 

To achieve harmony between the natural ecosystem, ravines are targeted for the development of bridges, as well as walkways and cycling paths between neighbourhoods. The promotion of indigenous vegetation that attracts natural pollinators is also favoured. 

The project further aims to implement green energy solutions to reduce the environmental impact associated with oil with the ultimate goal of reducing transport emissions by 20%. Space for soil benefaction and compositing as well as energy, waste and water recycling management systems are incorporated to reduce the community carbon footprint. 

Key components

  • The project aims to reduce traffic emissions by 20%.

  • Development of 2500 m2 urban orchards and plantation of indigenous trees in the surrounding area.

  • The project aims to increase the recycling rate of Quito and through this process generate green jobs for the local population.

Learn more of the project in the project presentation . 

Presentation of the site

The Metropolitan District of Quito is located 2,850 meters above sea level. It has a population that exceeds 2.5 million and a total area of 423,073 hectares. Quitumbe is one of the 8 zonal administrations, located in the far south of the central plateau of DMQ.

Quitumbe is a critical district in that it provides important services and facilities for the city. Most significant is the Quitumbe Terrestrial Terminal, which is a multimodal station of the integrated transport system with connections to the BRT corridors and the Quito Metro in the near future.

The site selected for this competition is the wider area surrounding the Quitumbe Terrestrial Terminal. This area is high in density and offers residential and employment opportunities, community facilities and retail activities. These, accompanied by its proximity to a major transport facility means it presents an opportunity to accommodate further urban growth and become a key metropolitan area.

However, the infrastructure associated with the Quitumbe Terrestrial Terminal, as well as the sewage treatment plants mean the area contains a lot of concrete walls, little vegetation and wide roads. This creates a hostile, sparse and unattractive space for pedestrians and cyclists and provides little opportunity for recreational activity. This impacts the quality of life of residents.

This project provides an opportunity for students to reimagine the area in a way that provides new public spaces for people. It should produce a high level masterplan or framework for the area – focusing on the street corridors. Some more specific examples or details may be provided for certain sited.

The framework should focus on reallocating space away from vehicles to pedestrians and reintroducing nature back into the district. The framework should specifically consider opportunities to reduce GHG emissions associated with its construction and use.

Approx. site area
89 ha


Quitumbe (parish) has a total population of 39,458 inhabitants with a population growth of 13.50% to 2020. Most residents are under the age of 40.

Special Mention(s)

Team: NAN

Team members: 

Jean Carlos Rodríguez Camino, Elizabeth Mishel Lozada Gómez, Erick Favio Vinueza Mera, Lenin Emanuel Chamba Ojeda, Camila Gabriela Moncayo Pozo, José Matheo Vallejo Robalino, Gustavo Víctor Landázuri Silva, Doménica Alejandra Orbe Tapia - Universidad International del Ecuador

Team: QuitumVe

Team members: 

Daniela Fernanda Espinoza, Andrea Abigail Guevara Terán - FLACSO Ecuador

Tatiana Carolina Chávez Alcívar - Universidad de Barcelona 

Francisco Xavier Diaz Chimbo, Maria Jose Larriva, Nicole Domenique Salazar Garcia - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador 

Cristhian Andres Chiriboga Martinez - Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

Juan Fernando Vásconez Velasco - Universidad de Buenos Aires

Jordy Gabriel Soria Ubidia, Fausto Sebastián Sánchez Paredes, Jerson Escobar - Universidad UTE

Michelle Estefania Cabascango Moreano - Universidad de Carlemany

Advisor: Daniel Rodríguez Cadena - Ingeniero Ambiental y Manejo de Riesgos Naturales

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Jury Composition

Cristina Argudo, Asesora de ciudad (C40)

Gabriela Segovia, Coordinadora del Plan de Uso y Gestión de Suelo (Secretaría de Territorio, Hábitat y Vivienda, M.D.M.Q.) - Facilitadora

Iván Bastidas, Director de Políticas y Planeamiento Ambiental (Secretaría de Ambiente, M.D.M.Q.)

María Samaniego, Presidenta (Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador) - Presidenta/Chair

Ninike Celi, Jefa de  la unidad de implementación y monitoreo del hábitat (Secretaría de Territorio, Hábitat y Vivienda, M.D.M.Q.)

Pedro Muradás, Coordinador de Proyectos de Acción Climeatica (IDOM)

Ruth Salvador, Coordinadora de Sostenibilidad (Secretaría de Territorio, Hábitat y Vivienda, M.D.M.Q.) - Secretaria

Soledad Viteri, Coordinadora de Despacho (Secretaría de Territorio, Hábitat y Vivienda, M.D.M.Q.)


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