Challenge Topics

Schools Reinventing Cities with Minecraft

The way we plan, design, and build our cities in the next decades will determine whether there is a thriving future for us and the natural world around us.

Cities consume most of the world’s energy and emit the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. If we take climate action in cities, we can protect the environment and provide a better place to live for most of us. 

Schools Reinventing Cities challenges students to think about how we can build happier, healthier communities for an inclusive and climate resilient future. Hear from C40's Mark Watts about what climate action in cities can look like.

What are your ideas to reinvent our cities?  

Designing a sustainable neighbourhood is a complex task - many people live and work in cities and they all have different needs and ideas of what makes a nice place to live. The good news is that making just one part of your neighbourhood better, like making it safer to cycle, can have other positive impacts, like cleaning the air we breathe!

We've divided how to build a better city into 10 topic areas. Check out the videos below to hear from Students Reinventing Cities winners and C40 staff about what you need to consider when making a great place for everyone in your city. 


What are your ideas for your inclusive, climate resilient city?   

Construction methods 

How can you make the buildings in your city better for people and the environment? 

Low-carbon mobility 

How can you reinvent urban mobility? 

Inclusive climate action 

How we can make sure everyone is included? 

Green energy

How can we power our cities and have a reliable, long-term energy supply? 

Climate resilience 

How can we protect our cities from the risks posed by the climate crisis? 

Water management 

How can we ensure there is clean and sufficient water supplied to our cities? 

Urban nature

How can we make space for nature in our cities? 

Sustainable communities

How can we make healthy, happier cities? 

Circular resource management

How can we reduce our waste and improve how we use resources in our cities? 

Our food habits  

How can we incorporate a more plant-based diet, with less emissions, and reduce our food waste? 

How do you build a better city?