Frequently Asked Questions


Schools Reinventing Cities has been developed by Minecraft Education and C40 Cities to encourage school students around the world to find ideas for a better present and future in their neighbourhoods and cities.

Programme overview

Each participating city will be created as a blank canvas in Minecraft. The city leaders, C40 experts, residents and community representatives are in the game as interactive Minecraft characters. Students will be challenged to tackle a specific issue impacting their city by building a sustainable solution in game.

Using educational materials on climate challenges and solutions created by C40, they’ll conduct research and bring their vision to life in ~6-8 weeks. Selected teams of students will be invited to share their solutions with their Mayor and city leaders and be celebrated!

How does the programme work? 

  1. The city works with C40 to decide a challenge prompt aligned to its climate action plan and environmental priorities. 

  1. The Minecraft team supports the city’s education authority with deployment and onboarding to Minecraft Education, a software application licensed through Microsoft 365.

  1. Minecraft and C40 provide a challenge toolkit to the city including teacher training resources, the specific city Minecraft world, evaluation rubric, student research materials, and video assets.

  1. The city launches the challenge, promoting the programme to schools citywide with support of Minecraft and C40.

  1. Students form teams, create their Minecraft builds, and submit 2-minute videos touring their builds. They describe how they have addressed the prompt through both voiceovers and a written submission in their local language.

  1. Judges from the city and C40 will select top submissions to showcase to the Mayor and leaders.

How can I get involved if my city is not participating? 

We are creating a format for the challenge for everyone, in any city and any school, to get involved. We will be announcing this in Autumn 2023. Feel free to get in touch via the 'Keep me posted' email list on the Home page.  

What is Minecraft Education?
Minecraft Education is a game-based learning platform that offers educators a transformative way to engage students and ignite their passion for learning. The platform contains controls not found in the consumer editions of Minecraft - which allow teachers oversight into the activities of their students.

Check out the Minecraft Education website for further details on how Minecraft Education is transforming education around the world.