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Manila Times | Quezon City taps Minecraft to engage students
The QC Minecraft Challenge was initiated by the QC Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Department (CCESD) as part of the Schools Reinventing Cities program, a collaboration between C40's Reinventing Cities and Minecraft Education. The program gives students an opportunity to design climate solutions for their city in Minecraft Education, a game-based learning platform, and to present their ideas to city leaders.
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MOBIE | Design Future London and Minecraft to inspire young designers of the future
Mark Watts, CEO of C40 Cities, said: “C40 Cities is thrilled to work with Minecraft Education and the Mayor of London to help students redesign Croydon, sharing their best and boldest ideas with their teachers, school mates and policy makers, and empowering them to imagine the next generation of good, green jobs to aspire to have access to. I can’t wait to see what they will come up with, celebrate their creative energy, get inspired and support them in building the future they want”.
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BBC Newsround | London mayor wants Croydon redesigned in game
The task of rebuilding Croydon virtually is part of the mayor's 2023 Design Future London Schools Challenge, teaming up with Minecraft Education and C40 cities, a group of mayors from all over the world looking at ways to tackle climate change.
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Evening Standard | Minecraft Mayor: Blocky Sadiq Khan appears in-game in Croydon design competition
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been immortalised as a blocky-headed character in Minecraft. He appears in-game as a non-playable character (NPC) for an initiative between Minecraft Education, City Hall and C40 Cities to redesign Croydon using a ready-made template built by Design Future London.
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NME | London Mayor Sadiq Khan joins ‘Minecraft’ and asks players to redesign Croydon
Minecraft has partnered with City Hall and C40 Cities for the 2023 Design Future London Schools Challenge, which invites students to redesign Croydon town centre as a “greener, safer, and more prosperous place for everyone”.
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Microsoft | Reinventing London: How Minecraft Education is helping students design a greener Croydon
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has joined forces with Minecraft for an exciting challenge aimed at young Londoners. The 2023 Design Future London Schools Challenge invites students to build their future London in Minecraft, through a partnership between City Hall, Microsoft’s Minecraft Education and C40 Cities.
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C40 launches the next edition of Students Reinventing Cities and announces the new program Schools Reinventing Cities with Minecraft Education
The second edition of Students Reinventing Cities launched in 13 global cities, inviting students and universities to share their vision and ideas for green and thriving neighbourhoods following the 15-minute city concept. C40 also announced the launch of a new design challenge for primary, middle and high school students to create city-climate solutions, Schools Reinventing Cities.
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C40 launches urban design competition in 12 cities to transform underutilised sites into low carbon urban projects
The third edition of Reinventing Cities launched today, inviting creative multidisciplinary teams – including architects, developers, community groups and more – to compete to design and develop climate-friendly urban projects that will serve the needs of local communities and become sustainable city landmarks.
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Collective for Climate showcase Paris’ First Carbon-Zero Neighbourhood
This article showcases how careful material and equipment selection aided in reducing embodied carbon emissions by 85% in the Collective for Climate project in Paris making it the first zero-carbon neighbourhood in Paris.
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Dezeen's top 10 low-carbon buildings of 2021
As part of Deezen's 2021 review, 10 examples of low-carbon architecture are selected each year. The Reykjavik Living landscape and the Campo Urbano project in Rome are featured in this edition.
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Largest wooden building in Iceland to occupy landfill site in Reykjavík
The Living Landscape project in Reykjavik is the largest wooden building in the country and deploys key strategies to reduce the carbon footprint.
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18 outstanding teams announced as winners of students reinventing cities competition
1,100 students from 150 universities respond to the call for ideas to reinvent parts of their cities.
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Arney Fender Katsalidis to Transform Tuscolana Railway Site into Low-Carbon 15-minute City
Dezeen explores innovative sustainability solutions and the strategic importance of Life Cycle Assessments in reducing carbon emissions in the Reinventing Cities winning project in Rome, Campo Urbano.
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Deezen | ​​Urban developments that "strive for zero carbon" to start on site in Milan, Paris, Reykjavik and Oslo
Low-carbon urban quarters are set to be built as part of Reinventing Cities in different cities
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Reinventing Cities: Global competition opens to transform cities in the face of the climate crisis
C40’s global architecture and urban design competition 'Reinventing Cities' has opened for entries. The second edition of the competition addresses the urgent need for change in how cities are designed and built in the face of the climate crisis.
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Reinventing Cities: C40 Launches Competition for Global Cities to Pave the Way to a Sustainable Future
Today 15 of the world’s great cities launched an unprecedented global competition to drive carbon neutral and resilient urban regeneration. C40’s Reinventing Cities initiative has already identified 46 underutilized spaces to redevelop, including several empty plots and abandoned buildings, a former airport, historical mansions, underused car parks, and an abandoned incinerator and landfill.

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