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Winning team: Chaav
Team members: Gunraagh Singh Talwar, Eish Ahlawat, Ipsita Choudhury - School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal

The team develops a human scale development at Bhalswa, working on ideas from different housing experts and carrying out grounded studies. The aim is to develop compact, mid rise and efficient dwelling units, with open spaces and amenities for the people. The proposal is based on the idea of reimagining the classic housing block as several smaller buildings,  independent yet interconnected. These are developed by several agencies promoting the local economy, while also creating opportunities to build capacity and develop skills through employment. 

Key components

  • A network of eight affordable housing blocks integrated into the site fabric through their connected central open courts, and their greater connection to the maidan, the largest open space. 

  • Development of community facilities such as clinics, fair-price shops, anganwadis (child care centre), and public toilets.

Learn more about the project in the project presentation and on the dedicated website.

TEDxCountdown talk of the winning team

Presentation of the site

Bhalswa is an urban village in Delhi, where a large proportion of the city’s urban poor resides. The site chosen for this competition is located to the West of Bhalswa, adjacent to the Bhalswa Lake. The site is currently undeveloped and presents an opportunity to deliver affordable and sustainable housing to the area.

The National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, like other major metropolitan cities in India, is grappling with the widening gap between incomes and housing prices. In particular, the basic living conditions of a vast majority of urban residents are poor and houses built in the name of affordable housing often do not cater to the people who need them most.

Meeting the demand for secure and affordable housing in Delhi is plagued by multiple challenges. Some of these challenges include a lack of well-located and serviced lands; poor access to basic infrastructure services, public spaces, and transport; and delays in housing supply. This is heightened by a lack of financial support, process inefficiencies and poor-quality housing.

Building adequate housing is not only about ensuring basic affordable shelter. It must also provide livable habitats that fulfil the sustainable development goal of creating safe, resilient and inclusive settlements and cities. 

Approx. site area
5 ha

Bhalswa is an urban village in Delhi along with Libaspur and Siraspur in the Assembly Constituency of Badli.

Special mentions:

Team Neev. Team members: 

Vibhor Agarwal Saoumya Mandhar Dhruvi Jhanjhi - Delhi Technological University
Aayush Saran - Manipal University Dubai
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