Beihu Street

Wuhan, China

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Located in the Jianghan District, in central Wuhan.

Acccess the Wuhan Dataroom via Baidu  

The project area is centred around Northwest Lake, and its borders extend to Changjiang Ribao Road in the east, Qingnian Road in the west, Jianshe Avenue in the south, and Beihu West Road in the north. The total area is 1.837 square kilometres, with a permanent population of 24,000. 

Beihu Street is located within "Wuhan Financial District", home to 500 global companies, with a combined workforce of 11,000. The area is rich in cultural tourism, education, medical and nursing resources, and has beautiful natural scenery, developed transportation, convenient living facilities, and a complete neighbourhood layout. 

In recent years, the street has undergone a green and low-carbon transformation, affecting the community, residents and commerce. Through this competition, the city would like to receive strategies based on the recent transformation, focusing on green spaces and climate resilience, connected places and sustainable living. The recommended measures should help Beihu Street achieve its goal of a “near-zero carbon" neighbourhood.

Please note that teams are limited to 20 members for this site. 

Site area: 

  • 183.7 hectares.

Key information: 

  • The selected area includes 13 commercial buildings, 1,460 enterprises and 1 commercial block. 
  • 3 subways pass through the street, and more than 20 bus lines extend in all directions. 
  • The density of public transportation ranks among the highest in Wuhan.

Priority areas and key expectations:

The competition strategies should focus on the following themes:

  • Green spaces and climate resilience: continue to increase the neighbourhood’s blue and green spaces, preserve biodiversity, increase climate resilience, and achieve harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
  • Connected places: strengthen physical and digital connections between various parts of the area, improve digital infrastructure, and social and economic connections throughout the jurisdiction.
  • Sustainable production and living: introduce new technologies and business models to explore green production methods. Use various schemes to guide residents to reduce carbon emissions and recycle resources in their daily lives.

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  • Team registration closed on 5 April 2024. Registered teams should now begin working on their projects! 
  • The submission portal will open for entries at the end of April 2024. The deadline for teams to submit their projects is 20 June 2024. 
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Beihu Street
Wuhan China