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Winning team: Ivy City Renaissance
Lucas Gourlet - Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), part of PSL University
Mila Praderie - École Normale Supérieure (ENS), part of PLS University Paris I PanthÈon-Sorbonne University
Joy McFadden, Sarah Neumann, Grace Donovan, Cynthia Yue - The George Washington University
Advisor(s): Dr Sandra Whitehead, Paul S. Hayes, Emmanuèle Cunningham-Sabot

Ivy City Renaissance created a project that tackles three key areas: mobility, community, and sustainability. 

The team proposes implementing a DC shuttle, protected bike routes, and aesthetically pleasing stormwater BMPs to create a walkable environment. 

To promote safe spaces in the community, the team suggested converting the historic Crummell School building into a community center. The space provides an urban garden, retail space for small businesses, and various gathering spaces while also constructing an upgraded women’s shelter to help alleviate homelessness. 

To ensure sustainability, the team recommended retrofitting Lewis Crowe Park and the numerous parking lots throughout the neighbourhood with green initiatives.

Key components

  • Promoting innovative mobility through the creation of both a shuttle & bus rapid transit system, coupled with streets design that enhances active transportation options. 

  • Fostering inlcusivity by repurposing the Crummell School lot into a community center, providing services and shelter for Ivy City’s homeless population, and converting parking lots into affordable housing.

  • Enhancing sustainability by revitalizing Lewis Crowe Park, greening parking lots, and transforming shipping containers into LEED-certified structures.

Presentation of the site

The New York Avenue NE Corridor is located northeast of Downtown. It stretches for approximately 3 miles between Florida Avenue NE and South Dakota Avenue NE.  It is a major auto-oriented gateway into the city, with approximately 100,000 vehicles moving through the area every day  and limited public transit options.

DC’s Mayor has set ambitious goals for more affordable housing, and development along the corridor could support them.  The goal is to deliver as many as 33,000 new housing units, with at least 1/3 of these being affordable. Regeneration should yield a vibrant residential and jobs-rich, low-carbon, mixed-use corridor. It should be inclusive of new affordable and market-rate housing units, supported by  sustainable infrastructure and community facilities.

Regeneration will need to preserve some of the character and activity of the existing light industrial (or PDR – Production, Distribution & Repair) uses. This presents an opportunity for innovative and unique design responses, and to maintain some of the heritage and integrity of the area.

Approx. site area
105 hectares (250 acres), along the 3-mile corridor.

Area is home to a variety of industrial and service jobs and a pocket of residents in the Ivy City subarea.  The site sits within the larger Upper Northeast Planning Area, with a more complete view of demographics here

Special mention

Team The Sustainable Order

Maya Rodgers, Aissa Dearing, Tanisha Grey, Brenna Hairston, Erik Boganey, Dean Bailey, Chukwudiebube Chukwuka, Daphne Arko-Dadzie, Bianca Briscoe, Ja’Nya Julmiste, Paris Colbert - Howard University

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Jury Composition

Evelyn Kasongo, Chair – Senior Neighborhood Planner, Wards 1, 5 (Office of Planning)
Stephen Gyor, Lead Sustainability Planner (Office of Planning)
Rita AboSamra, Urban Designer (Office of Planning)
Rogelio Flores, Associate Director, Citywide Planning, Strategy and Analysis Division (Office of Planning)
Anne Fothergill, Development Review Specialist
Laura Jay, Regional Director for North America C40
Linda Toth, Associate Arup

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