Let's talk about Reinventing Cities!

Oslo, Norway

Join us at the following events to know more and discuss about Reinventing Cities !

December 5 at 2pm at the Sheraton Grand Hotel of Chicago: The Mayor of Paris and C40 chair and the Mayors of Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Montréal and Mexico City are holding a press conference to present the Reinventing Cities  competition

December 12 in Paris: Reinventing Cities is at the World Efficiency solutions.
At 2pm: a high level panel in the plenary session to present and discuss the Reinventing Cities competitropn,
At 4.30pm: a dedicated workshop to present the sites of the competition.
To know more about World Efficiency:

December 13 at 10pm at the Madrid International Lab (Calle Bailén, 41): the City of Madrid is holding a Reinventing Cities meet-up event to present Reinventing Cities and to provide more details about the 4 sites that the City of Madrid is proposing for the competition.


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    Algoé au cœur de la mission Reinventing Cities avec @c40cities @ClimateKIC @Carbone4 @TUBerlin @thecarbontrust
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