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Melbourne, Australia

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Winning Team: Urban Planners
Team members: Ashleigh Santich, Damien Lockyer, Becky Ru Yin Liao, Yun Shu Wong & Will Jacobsen | Curtin University
External advisors: Dr Francesca Perugia & Bronwyn Slater | Curtin University

The winning proposal reimagines Thomastown in alignment with a 20-minute neighbourhood, with a focus on pedestrianisation, urban greening and indigenous recognition through a 5-themed approach. 

Check out their winning proposal, as well as an acknowledgement of all participating teams in the documentation tab!

  1. Greener Spaces: Excavating concrete to recounter the creek, creating a gentler slope with rocks and native plants. Recycle concrete through integration into the new plaza. 

  2. Vibrant Centres: Transforming the local shopping centre into a plaza, temporary road closures for fortnightly markets, establishing community advisory groups

  3. Connected Places: Relocating the primary school and improving its pedestrian connection, pedestrian bridges and intersection upgrades across the creek

  4. Enhanced Character: Transform the creek channel into a public corridor with outdoor gyms & public meeting spaces. Improving public bins, bathrooms and seating. 

  5. Shared local culture: Engage with indigenous groups to instal public art and informative signage about the cultural heritage and indigenous biodiversity 

Special Mention | Team Fuse
  • Team members: Yujun Gao, Diya Chopra, Haotian Liu, Shu Wang, Tess Annie Quilliam, Jingyi Yu, Tingyin Yu & Martin Kupferle| RMIT University
  • External advisors: Dr Mittul Vahanvati and Kavita Sonar | RMIT University
Special Mention | Team Archeco
  • Team members: Marta Horyza & Martyna Studzińska | Politechnika Wrocławska
  • External advisor: Dr Marzena Heliak-Rużyła | Politechnika Wrocławska
Special Mention | Team Thomastown Tank Engines
  • Team members: Andrea Koutsournas, Anna Vodola & Saitharun Yadav | RMIT University

Jury members that will assess all submitted proposals include: 

  • Chair: Jason Cahill, Senior Urban Designer - City of Whittlesea
  • Secretary: Nelson Buchholz, Planner - Department of Transport & Planning
  • Stephen Flack, Biodiversity Strategy and Auditing Officer - City of Whittlesea 
  • Jo O’Byrne, Senior Planner - Department of Planning & Environment 
  • Vanessa Mooney, Associate Director - MGS Architects
  • Alison Whitten, Research Lead - Regen Melbourne 
  • Dr Melanie Lowe, Co-Director - Global Observatory of Healthy and Sustainable Cities Centre for Urban Research 
  • Dr Laura Aston, Senior Transport Planner - ARUP 
  • Luisa Miranda Morel, Senior Manager ICA (Inclusive Climate Action) Forum & Academies - C40 Cities 
  • Amy Buitenhuis, Senior Manager for Urban Heat - C40 Cool Cities Network 

Significant cultural diversity in the area reflects the suburb’s post-war manufacturing origins as does the predominantly low-rise, low-density housing. Locally, there are pockets of social and economic deprivation. The Edgars Road shopping centre is the economic base of the Hub. It is 1.3km from Thomastown station. Extensive community services (schools, recreation facilities, open space) are located along Main Street. The 357 bus runs along Main Street and Edgars Road, connecting the shopping centre to the train station. The Edgars Creek Trail provides an important active transport connection. The Hub has been chosen as a site for this competition due to its potential to become a 20-minute neighbourhood. The aim for the site is to; Create a welcoming, sustainable and resilient, ‘Hub‘ precinct with safe and easy access, to serve as a destination of choice in the local area via;

Reinvigorating the local shopping centre and surrounding public spaces through sustainable design, built form and destination mix; creating a distinct ‘place’ identity that caters to all ages, cultural backgrounds and abilities and acts as a drawcard for locals. 

Building safe and accessible active transport connections to the broader area including Thomastown Station. 

Exploring opportunities to sustainably diversify the housing stock to support the viability of the precinct while protecting the preferred neighbourhood character. 

Incorporating local Aboriginal cultural values into the environmental planning for the Edgars Creek area.

Approx. site area

20 ha.

Key Information

Thomastown is split evenly between residential and industrial areas. Most of the housing was built post-war (1950-70s) for immigrant manufacturing workers relocating from the inner city and is nearing end of life. 

Priority areas & main expectations

Precinct planning: to meet current and future community needs and support a thriving 20-minute neighbourhood.

Connections: to provide safe access for all facilities with sustainable transport options. 

Design: to create a distinctive, inclusive, safe, and vibrant public realm.

Housing diversity: in and around the Hub supporting precinct viability, meeting community needs.

Ecological and cultural values: to enhance Edgar's Creek corridor via suitable ecological/built form interventions such as urban greening, biodiversity management, design, and interpretation signage.

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Edgars Rd / Main Street Hub
Melbourne Australia