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Milan, Italy

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Winning project: Milano per LOC
Team representative: CEETRUS Management & Development Srl with CEETRUS Italy SpA
Design team: Metrogramma Milano Srl, Andrea Caput, Mobility in chain Srl, LAND Italia Srl, Temporiuso Srl, Futureberry Srl, Squadrati Srls, Starching Srl, with Matteo Gatto and Renovatio Design
Environmental Expert: Arcadis Italia Srl

Others: IGP Decaux SpA., Siemens SpA., Helexia energy services Srl, Miage-WattWay, Alchema Srl - Co+Fabb, Lawyer Giovanni Pecorella, Eugenio Morello - sustainable development

This project aims to be completed in time for the Olympics in 2026! Click here to learn more about how the project is progressing!

Loreto, from a large traffic hub to an open-air green square, linked to NoLo to ensure continuity to the Buenos Aires/Padova axis: LOC, Loreto Open Community, as an icon of inclusiveness for the city. The project incorporates the goals of Agenda 2030 through tangible urban regeneration strategies and actions: a process approach rather than the design of a space. 

Starting from a strategic review of the mobility in the area, capable of reducing the surface dedicated to vehicular traffic by 50% while preserving the existing circulation performance, the project gives the city 24,400 square meters of public space, of which over 12,000, organised on three-level squares, are housed in the area of the current Piazzale around the Loreto subway station, in the center of LOC.

An incubator of activities and an attractive hub, LOC becomes NoLo's new urban business district, hosts co-working spaces and a neighbourhood kindergarten and offers a lively social and cultural program. The sustainable and green architectures, with hybrid wooden structures, are an urban setting, the banks of a permeable but protected square, elements of attractiveness and protection. 

LOC wants to be a manifesto of sustainability, climate service and support for biodiversity: green areas become powerful players in an urban reforestation process (300 new trees and 3,900 square meters of planted area) that is essential to the future vision of our city. 

Key components & solutions

  • The project will transform a heavy traffic roundabout into a place dedicated to low-emission mobility and intermodality. The project creates 24,400 square meters of public space, with 69% of the project surface dedicated to public areas. The street design prioritises walking & cycling via 87 bike parking lots, reconfiguring spaces destined to vehicular flows and reducing parking places. It also includes micro-mobility hubs with 11 electric charging points and shared vehicles next to the Loreto subway station. 

  • The project integrates a multilevel green square with an urban forest of 300 new planted trees and 3,800 square meters of green area. This will lead to a tangible reduction of the heat island effect, lowering the CO2 emissions as well as providing a pleasant environment for people.

  • The buildings are highly sustainable: structures are made of hybrid wood and the project achieves 90% energy savings compared to Business as Usual through passive & bioclimatic design and the installation of 4,700 square meters of photovoltaic panels.

  • The buildings host new spaces for the community, including a kindergarten, a lively social and cultural program of neighbourhood events, and an attractive hub with an incubator and co-working spaces.

Presentation of the site

The Loreto site is found in the northeast precinct of Milan, three km from Milan Cathedral, in one of the most accessible areas of the city. It connects with Milano Centrale and Porta Garibaldi stations by an underground link in less than 10 minutes, which are hubs for high-speed trains, providing access to the district of Porta Nuova in addition to the Città Studi university campus.

It is the main crossroads along the historic northeast axis, which is currently undergoing transformation and being developed from the centre connecting the Corso Buenos Aires commercial district with the Viale Monza and Via Padova lines. The site is located in one of the most crowded and active districts of Milan, a highly commercial environment rich in services. Today Piazzale Loreto is an heavily trafficked element of division, a feature that jeopardizes its urban quality as shown by the absence of pedestrian crossings and the low usability of green areas.

More information on the site here.

Comunicato Stampa 11/05/21 


Expected plan
Development of Piazzale Loreto as a “bridge” connecting Corso Buenos Aires, Viale Monza and Via Padova through the reorganization of the mobility aiming at high-quality public spaces.

Site’s owner
Municipality of Milan

Plot area
Via Porpora building has a gross surface area estimated of approx. 2,839 m2. The Square has a surface area of around 17,000 m2. The available underground floor space occupies approximately 6,000 m2.

Type of property transfer intended

Sale with related building rights, with a minimum price set by the owner, for Via Porpora building. Surface right, with a minimum price set by the ownership, for spaces in the underground floor and any surface areas. 


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