Thursday 26 October

Winners of the second Students Reinventing Cities competition announced


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Over 1,000 young people across the world reimagined urban spaces into green & thriving neighbourhoods as part of C40's global competition.

12 global cities - Amman, Barcelona, Chengdu, Durban, Freetown, Lisbon, Melbourne, Milan, New Orleans, Rome, São Paulo and Zhenjiang - participated in the second edition of the competition. From redesigning a car-oriented square in São Paulo, boosting affordable housing in Durban, reimagining a historical neighbourhood in Lisbon, and improving pedestrian experiences in Amman, each city identified a priority urban area for students to reimagine, responding to climate targets and local challenges.

Young people from 60 universities across the world developed design solutions to reinvent project sites, integrating the “15-minute city” model and proximity approach for low-carbon urbanisation. The winning proposals were scored on their feasibility, response to local needs, and design of climate-resilient and inclusive neighbourhoods. In recognition of the high-quality proposals, many cities have offered prizes such as presenting to the Mayor of New Orleans, project exhibitions in Rome and Milan, and award ceremonies in São PauloAmman and Chengdu

All cities and winning teams are listed below. Congratulations to all the winners of the second edition!

The competition’s third edition will see more world-leading cities - including Amman, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Curitiba, Freetown, London, Rome, Salvador, Toronto, Tel Aviv-Yafo & Wuhan - call on young people to design better, greener and more inclusive urban spaces. Stay tuned as all participating cities will soon announce their selected sites


Amman | Al-Mahatta Transport Hub

Winning Team: MAHATTAHRISTAS, HTU Al Hussein Technical University

Winners took a people-centred, green approach to creating a new transportation hub. Describing their design approach, the team noted, “We had a lack of green areas and passenger-oriented services. So we developed the shops again, and the playgrounds and sitting areas, to enhance the living situations of the people who live there.”

Barcelona | Ciutat Meridiana

Winning Team: Bakers, Politechnika Wrocławska

The winning design proposed reviving a historical aqueduct to develop a green corridor. “We really wanted to improve the lives of residents by creating green roofs and balconies as flat extensions,” said the winning team.

Chengdu | Luxelakes Park Community

Winning Team: S.A.Y (Summer As Young), Chengdu University of Technology

Taking a holistic approach to revitalising Luxelakes Park Community, the winning project prioritises green, low-carbon and sustainable development. “It’s really important that young people get a say because this is our future,” noted the team.

Durban Umgeni Road

Winning Team: Umgeni Interchange, University of Cape Town

“Our winning design proposes social housing and mixed-use development, reimagining flood-prone Durban as a climate-resilient city,” said the team, whose project included an affordable housing block with water-resistant barriers and bioswales.

Freetown | Brima Attouga Stadium 

Winning Team: NEAH Studio, Fundación Universidad de América- Bogotá

The winning proposal took an ambitious approach to reimagine the Brima Attuoga Stadium as an accessible and green hub. “We want the people of Freetown to take ownership of public space…through a series of activities designed to generate social cohesion,” said the winners.

Lisbon | Mouraria 

Winning Team: Dreamers Inc., Lund University

Inspired by the local heritage, the winners focused on connectivity & accessibility in their proposal for a reimagined Mouraria historical neighbourhood. “It’s super important to have a say in how cities get designed,” said the winning team. “Neighbourhoods need to be designed according to the needs of local residents.”

Melbourne | Edgars Road Main Street Hub 

Winning Team: Urban Planners, Curtin University

Winners reimagined Thomastown, in the suburbs of Melbourne, by focusing on pedestrians, urban greening and indigenous recognition. The team noted that their ideas came to life as “We have a better understanding of what our generation need and want.”

Milan | Flyover Corvetto

Winning Team: Fab For Future (FFF),  Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca, Politecnico di Milano & Università di Genova

“We need to act now because these huge metropolitan areas are evolving very quickly,” said the winning team, whose design reimagined the car-oriented Flyover Corvetto into a people-centred, pedestrianised space.

New Orleans | Read and Lake Forest Corridors 

Winning Team: ReNew Orleans, Imperial College London

Winners reinvented Read and Lake Forest Corridors into a green & thriving neighbourhood with low-fare public transport, walkways and community spaces. 

“Resilient and sustainable infrastructure helps us review the severity of climate change,” noted the winner.

Rome | Porta Portese

Winning Team: LAUMarch, Sapienza Università di Roma

Integrating socio-ecological connections between the local community and the river, the winners reimagined life in the Porta Portese area. “Our project proposes a system of urban green spaces and one large linear park,” said the winning team.

São Paulo | Praça da Bandeira

Winning Team: Anhangá-ba-y, Instituto Federal de São Paulo

The winning proposal reimagines Bandeira Square into a safe, accessible hub powered by sustainable energy sources. The winning team said, “The best thing about working on this project was being able to propose something we actually believe in.”

Zhenjiang | Shiyezhou Island

Winning Team: 风华镇茂, Jiangsu University

Winners aimed to create a carbon-neutral Shiyezhou Island, while integrating the social and economic benefits of tourism and agriculture.

Are you a young person wanting to build a green and just urban future? Join the newly launched Students Reinventing Cities Network, part of C40’s Youth Hub, to connect with like-minded climate enthusiasts passionate about sustainable urban design.