Al-Mahatta Transport Hub

Amman, Jordan

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Team members: Raghad Abu Hadbah, Majd Al-Hanini & Tala Al-Humsi | HTU Al Hussein Technical University
External advisors: Eng. Ala Gammoh & Eng. Ayman Zeiter | HTU Al Hussein Technical University

The winning proposal is concentrated on promoting a horizontal, rather than a vertical, flow of movement. To do so, the proposal reimagines the site by connecting two of the area’s zones through a new transport hub. The hub has entrances on both sides, integrating the hub to connect the taxi and bus terminals. Key characteristics of the new hub include: 

  • Integrate existing shops into the hub, whilst adding a skating track, gaming studio, exhibition, clinic and pharmacy

  • People-centred approach by increasing public bathrooms, urban furniture, and developing a walking path connected to a cycling arena 

  • Transforming the old factory into a youth centre which includes a library and cafeteria

  • Green roofs and south-facing solar panels on buildings, alongside shaded and unshaded seating areas and playgrounds.

Check out the documentation tab to view the winning team's proposal and the acknowledgement of all participating teams! 

Special mention (2nd place) | Team Idea 
  • Team members:  Mohammed Saeed, Futoon Qaraqesh, Ra`ad Al-Falahat Zaina Abdaljawad, Yasmin Marie, Shahd Al-maaitah Joud Daoud & Areen Alzubaid | University of Jordan 
  • External advisors: Dr Ahlam Harahsheh | University of Jordan
Special mention (2nd place) | Team Evergreen
  • Team members: Mohammad Abdulrahman Jawad Said Asideh, Ammar Al-Labban Mohammed Ghosen & Abdullah Al Mahmoud | Zarqa University
  • External advisors: Dr Dalia Al-Tarazi, Dr. Bushra Zalloom & Arch.Reem Al-Shawabkeh |  Zarqa University
Special mention (3rd place) | Team The Living Bridge 
  • Team members: Shaymaa Al Asmi, Abdullah Abo Salem, Malak Shajrawi & Mustafa Al-Bakeer | Zarqa University
  • External advisors: Dr Dalia Al-Tarazi, Dr. Bushra Zalloom & Arch.Reem Al-Shawabkeh |  Zarqa University

To celebrate the results of the competition, Greater Amman Municipality organised a celebration event with the Mayor of Amman - see the photos here!

Jury members that assessed all submitted proposals included:  
  • Eng. Riyad Al-Kharabsheh, Executive Director for Public Transport Directorate - Greater Amman Municipality 
  • Arch. Rima Odeh, Executive Director for Planning Directorate - Greater Amman Municipality 
  • Arch. Ne’meh Qatanani, Executive Director for Engineering - Greater Amman Municipality  
  • Arch. Rula Al-Khashman, Communications Unit Manager of the Public Transport Directorate - Greater Amman Municipality 
  • Wael Al-Masri, Planners and Architects 
  • Louise Ribet, Senior Manager for C40’s Public Transport Network 

The Al Mahattah Hub was originally a simple, limited public transit station for public buses and service cars. It expanded when all transport lines (buses and cars) and shop owners working in the Raghadan terminal were transferred there as a temporary measure.

However, due to the time taken to reinvent the Raghadan terminal, Al-Mahatta transformed into a permanent hub for vendors and transport lines. Buses currently operate in a chaotic manner due to the commercial activity linked to the hub. transportation system. The terminal currently raises serious concerns for the mobility and accessibility of pedestrians. 

The competition site primarily includes the Al- Mahattah Bus Terminal, a major urban transportation interchange in Amman with several lines of buses (including interurban, coasters, and feeder buses), taxis, a daily market, social services located around a mosque, and a buzzing urban centre. Passengers include commuters, shop owners, vendors, and public transport drivers. 

The site also includes a BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Line 1 connection terminal between Amman and Zarqa (25 km North-East of Amman). Proposals should aim to integrate the BRT connection terminal with the bus terminal to ease the movement and circulation of commuters. This will help create an integrated transport hub that will be a major connection point between BRT Amman and Amman Zarqa BRT and among other transport modes (such as taxis, feeder buses, and coaster buses). 

Al-Mahatta area is surrounded by densely populated areas, especially those with limited and low incomes. Al-Mahatta area lacks public spaces and is currently not suitable for pedestrians to move around. The surrounding communities fall within national poverty lines, often facing high unemployment levels and limited job opportunities. The Refugee Al-Mahatta camp is also located near Al-Mahatta Terminal.

Approx. site area

83,000m2. The main focus of this site should be area (1 + 1b) taking into consideration the adjacent areas of ( 2+3+4) (Figure 1)

Key Information

There are 350,000 passengers that visit the terminal daily, and this is expected to double with the launch of the Amman Zarqa BRT. 

Priority areas & main expectations

  • Develop Al-Mahatta Transport Hub into a multimodal transport hub, integrating the BRT, buses and all other transportation services.
  • Transform the site into a safe place for all passengers, with clear walkable and easy connections.

  • Consider integrating urban greening strategies and passenger-oriented services to ensure the terminal is a pleasant place to be in, encouraging a public mode-shift away from private cars and to public transport.

The Team-up contact form is now available. Click here to connect and team-up with other participants who are interested in the same site/city. The contacts provided can be found here.
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Al-Jofeh neighbourhood
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