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Chengdu, China

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Luxelakes is located in the burgeoning Tianfu New District of Chengdu City which is bisected by Tianfu Avenue, a 50 km long city axis road within the south of Chengdu.

 Access the Chengdu Dataroom via Baidu here! The deadline for final project submissions is Thursday 8 June 5PM UTC.

Luxelakes is the first high-end project built in Tianfu New Area, a national-level area which has a total planned area of over 553 hm2 and an unanticipated population of 150,000. Luxelakes water area covers 1.4 million square metres and is a prominent urban wetland in Chengdu, exceeding the total lake area of Chengdu’s 5 central districts. Luxelakes has excellent transport connections with the new and old airports located 30-mins away and is served by two metro stations. 

Luxelakes Park Community is an open international community which incorporates a mixture of high-quality residential areas, industry-city integration and national 4A scenic spots. Its city-scale layout enables the integration of residence and living. The area identified is the starting point of Lukelakes, which is the most active area and demonstrates new construction at Luxelakes. The project should aim to develop strategies which focus on a complete neighbourhood, people-centred mobility, green buildings & energy as well as circular resources. The proposed measures should assist Luxelakes in achieving its goal of becoming a zero-carbon community.  

Approx. site area

20 ha.

Key Information

The proposed area contains a community government service centre, a public activity building, 5 residential groups, a primary school, a community business square and 3 green public spaces. There are approximately 3000 residents, who are prominent individuals from various industries. Annually, three million visitors travel to Luxelakes, the majority being young parents, fashion enthusiasts and influencers.

Priority areas & main expectations

The project should develop strategies which focus on the following topics:

Mobility: with a focus on tactical urbanism and street design within the Tianfu New Area;

Circular resources: to promote circularity in Luxelakes by reducing resource use and avoiding waste;

Complete neighbourhood: to further enhance a ‘Park community’ via compactness and mixed-use spaces, proximity and decentralization, active frontages as well as adaptable spaces; and,

Green buildings & energy: to create a zero-carbon community by reducing energy demand, investing in infrastructure, and decarbonizing energy. 

The Team-up contact form is now available. Click here to connect and team-up with other participants who are interested in the same site/city. The contacts provided can be found here.

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Sichuan Tianfu New Area
Chengdu China