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The former Washington and Oregon Shippers Cooperative Association “WOSCA” site comprises a nearly 5-acre parcel of vacant land that is ready for redevelopment following nearly a decade of use as a construction staging area.

The former Washington and Oregon Shippers Cooperative Association “WOSCA” site comprises a nearly 5-acre parcel of vacant land that is ready for redevelopment following  nearly a decade of use as a construction staging area. It is uniquely positioned at the intersection between Seattle’s vibrant Puget Sound waterfront, the city’s professional sports stadiums that will host matches during the 2026 FIFA World Cup, downtown neighborhoods, and Seattle’s industrial land base. A core component of the redevelopment will be a new headquarters facility for the Washington State Ferry (WSF) system, the United States’ largest ferry system. The proposal should provide a campus with a focus on maritime, industrial activities and supporting elements. The headquarters is expected to include additional maritime training facilities and could include public education or interpretive features, which will occupy a portion of the site. 

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) will strive for exemplary co-development of the remainder of the site in collaboration with a partner. Opportunities include a sustainable mixed-use development in support of a vibrant stadium district and a more complete neighborhood; commercial or technology uses leveraging Seattle’s vibrant economy; or uses complementary to the historic residential neighborhoods nearby. 

Expected Land Use:
The proposal must include a new Washington State Ferry (WSF) headquarters. Teams are invited to propose other mixed-use developments on the remainder of the site to boost a resilient and thriving environment and a more complete neighborhood. The development should also aim at supporting downtown recovery, Seattle’s waterfront development and Port of Seattle's economic development through innovative activities and green services. It can include additional maritime training, skills, innovation facilities; event-related gathering and hospitality and neighborhood supporting uses and amenities. A wide range of creative development concepts is welcomed. 

Type of Property transfer intended: 
WSDOT intends to retain ownership of the land and the WSF headquarters facility. On-site co-development would occur on a long-term ground lease. The terms and duration conditions are open for teams to  propose. 

“Seattle is thrilled to partner with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to create an exemplary redevelopment of the WOSCA site. This site presents unique opportunities because of its connections to the maritime sector, our new world-class waterfront open spaces, and the stadium district where we will host 2026 FIFA World Cup games. Redevelopment of this site can play an important role in the reactivation of downtown, which is a high priority for Mayor Bruce Harrell." Deputy Mayor of Seattle, Adiam Emery 

"C40 offers an incredible opportunity to bring together innovative and creative minds from around the world to leverage and re-imagine dormant property in the heart of Seattle. It’s fitting that a parcel of WSDOT owned land will now be part of a global collaborative process to re-imagine this space for multiple uses. WSDOT looks forward to working with all of the partners and neighbours we serve in the Seattle area to best leverage this opportunity for an outcome that best serves us all.” Secretary of Transportation, Washington State Department of Transportation, Roger Millar 
Plot Area:
Approximately 5 acres.

Site Ownership:
The site is owned by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). 

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: 
Thursday 19th September 2024, 12:00pm PST


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