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The former Mira Lanza plant is a valuable industrial archaeology complex, now protected by the cultural heritage code, and part of the industrial district of post-unification Rome at the turn of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century.

This industrial fabric, which has been disused over time, has become the heart of the urban centrality defined by the Ostiense Marconi Urban Project, which envisages the recovery and redevelopment of the entire area, relevant to the RomaTre University Settlement, with an increase in the provision of spaces and services of general interest, as well as equipped green spaces. The expected redevelopment includes the vacant areas surrounding the disused buildings of the former Mira Lanza; and the creation of Papareschi Park is planned as an equipped public green area for the redevelopment of the district. A public place, which will also serve as a green infrastructure connecting the surrounding context. The Papareschi area is to be equipped as a public park. It will be possible to create facilities such as: kiosks, refreshment stands, toilets, etc.can be built according to art. 85 co.1 lett. d) co. 2 of the NTA of PRG.  These facilities will be subject to an administrative concession and the relative SUL will be additional to the one provided for the recovery of the former Mira Lanza buildings.

The proposals must promote social inclusion through the provision and characterisation of spaces, equipment and services, following the model of the 15-minute city and generating employment opportunities in the area; and lead to the environmental upgrade of the area by creating the park, which must be restored and can have the characteristics of a "green and blue infrastructure".

Expected Land Use:

The permitted uses are indicated in the urban planning variant sheet (Annex n 2) and may include:

  • Personal services (administrative, social, welfare, health, education, cultural, fitness);
  • Private management;
  • Crafts services and artists' studios;
  • Locations of national, foreign and supranational institutions/foundations;
  • University buildings and facilities, including guest houses and student residences;
  • Cultural facilities; Collective facilities;
  • Social housing;
  • Training, public education and/or public interest centres.

Type of Property transfer intended:

The redevelopment activities may be carried out, while waiting for the updating of the current Plan of Disposals and Revaluations (Piano delle Alienazioni e Valorizzazioni), requested by the Department of Heritage and Housing Policies (Dip. del Patrimonio e Politiche Abitative) with prot. note QC 19820 of 07/04/2022, by recurring to the institution of the concession, or to the instruments of constitution or transfer of other rights (diritti reali) according to art. 58 co. 7 of Law 133 /2008, to be evaluated at the end of the first phase. In this regard, the Administration may also evaluate expressions of interest which, in order to ensure the necessary economic-financial balance, propose economic offers that take into account the additional costs (e.g. land reclamation).


Plot Area: Area approximately 24,244 sqm, mainly flat.

Property ownership: Roma Capitale

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: 20 September 2022 14:00 CET


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Via Amedeo Avogadro
Rome Italy