Reinventing Cities

Designing a green and just urban future

Cape Town

A vast majority of the world's greenhouse gas emissions come from cities. As the urban population increases, it is urgent to harness a model of low-carbon urban future where everyone can thrive.

Reinventing Cities is an initiative led by C40 to stimulate sustainable development and to celebrate innovative solutions to environmental and urban challenges.

We need the participation of everyone to build a better world.

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a competition that invites professional multi-disciplinary teams to transform underutilized sites in cities into beacons of sustainability and resilience.

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a ‘sister’ initiative to Reinventing Cities that invites students and universities to collaborate with global cities and imagine a more sustainable and inclusive urban future.

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Eugenio Gatti
09:59    16 / 01
#Milano #Italia #reinventingcities
14:33    14 / 01
We are very proud to announce that our Master in City & Technology students have participated in the #TEDxCountdown…