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Dakar, Senegal

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Winnning team: DËKK-RAW
Team members: Moussa Nodjina, Ndour Mame Bigué, Niass Malick, Ndiaye Jeanne Maya Fernande Goya, Sambou Myriam Fatimata, Dieye Mouhamed, Seck Mansour, Kamara Moussa, Richtofen Espoir Nelo Serenguet - Collège Universitaire d'Architecture de Dakar
Amidou Mamby Kane - Institut des Science de L'environnement
Bouyo Bara Lucresse - Ecole Superieure D’Economie Appliquee

The team proposes interventions that transform Dakar into a neighbourhood that promotes public transport and non-motorised movement comprised of parks, courtyards, schools and mixed-used amenities that activate the street at different hours of the day, whilst at the same time preserving the culture of the people of Dakar. 

By incorporating a mixture of commercial services to residents, the project aims to promote local sectors such as urban agriculture, logistics, recycling stations among others. Clean, renewable energy is supplied and every effort is made to reduce carbon emissions with meticulous energy, water, waste and revitalization management plans. 

The project plans to develop green spaces to create a green lung, in a long-term vision the plan is to transform the port into a marina, the private gardens into shared gardens as well as citizen kiosks to promote diversity.

Key components

  • Implementation of solar panels in almost all buildings for public and private use, plus roof greening and instalment of double-skin facades to limit direct radiation on buildings.

  • Full rehabilitation of the site through the decrease in parking lots, and addition of public space including green spaces, bicycle parking and cycle paths.

  • Ambition to produce enough electricity with its roofs photovoltaic systems to power electric buses for the area.

  • Establishment of citizen kiosks for the community to be trained on various topics (i.e. waste disposal) and get support. These easily identifiable meeting places in the neighborhood will be run in turn by a municipal agent, an association, a resident, in conjunction with the arrondissement town hall.

  • Low water consumption appliances that allow the saving of 11,000 liters per year and per inhabitant. Other measures to save water further and dispose of waste sustainably.

Learn more about the project in the project presentation.

Presentation of the site

Dakar is a cosmopolitan city, a symbol of Africa, a melting pot of African and world cultures, a tourist destination, but also a politically and geopolitically strategic city. The urban landscape of the Dakar metropolitan area reflects the pluralistic and complex nature of the problems posed by the overlapping of very different phenomena and situations. Dakar has a mission to be an “open and sustainable heritage” city. In this sense, the city’s main priorities are:
1/ Promoting controlled city planning, generating wealth and jobs.
2/ Integrating the environmental aspect into city management and planning.
3/ Taking action to reduce the effects of climate change.

The proposed site for the initiative is the district of downtown Dakar and in particular the Place de la Libération and its connections with the port, the nearby cultural and administrative hubs such as the Grand Théâtre, the Museum of Black Civilizations, the railway station and the city hall. In addition to having many hubs, this area is home to a mix of housing and jobs. It is also at the heart of many daily trips from the capital.

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Jury Composition

Ndiaga Dieng, President De La Commission Etudes Generales
Et Planification
Aicha Diallo, Architecte
Laurence Falzon, Architecte, Scénographe Plasticienne 
Charles Akibodé, Consultant Pour Le Patrimoine Mondial
Adams Tidiani, Fondateur De L'institut Des Métiers De L'environnement Et De La Métrologie (IMEM) Faculté Des Sciences Et Techniques/UCAD
Moussa Ndiaye, Spécialiste De La Gouvernance Locale
Viyé Diba, Artiste Plasticien
Xavier Ricou, Architecte
Gifti Nadi, Deputy Director For Africa C40


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