Mercado de orcasur

Madrid, Spain

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Winning project: LABORATORIO-SUR

Environmental experts: ZERO-CONSULTING, ECOOO

MERCADO HABITADO II is a prototype project showcasing innovative ideas to reinvent disused, public buildings in Madrid. The international transdisciplinary team successfully addressed the common challenges faced by Southern European cities.

The project aims to produce renewable energy on site through the configuration of photovoltaic panels on the facades and on the roof. The market itself is a lever to promote sustainable and eco-friendly consumption habits by encouraging local produce. Mercado Habitado II promotes good practices in terms of food production, cultural energy and creative processes that reactivate the neighborhood by reversing the capital gains in the local economy.

Through participatory principles based on self-management and cooperation, the new market resolves the needs and desires providing an opportunity for the local residents of Orcasur. This new equipment is configured as an urban catalyst of good health, sustainability and social cohesion, satisfying a sustainable way of life for the neighborhood. The program is structured around a large central space that connects the exterior and the interior to become the social center and market. The reinvigorated market will become a multi-purpose space for intergenerational social encounters. The building will furthermore respond to the needs of the elderly by providing serviced accommodation whilst maintaining a certain degree of autonomy thus improving the quality of life.

Key Components & Solutions

• Mercado Habitado II is an ambitious net-zero energy project proposing the renovation of an unused market in a socially challenging neighborhood.

• The project promotes sustainable and local consumption habits, developing activities for intergenerational and social solidarity by creating a new green area.

• On-site energy production is well addressed through facades holding 100 kW photovoltaics in addition to more energy efficiency solutions. The project intends to become fully energy self-sufficient.

• Mercado Habitado II promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The market will promote local and organic produce. Public workshops are intended to raise climate awareness.

• The project uses certified wood, recycled and local construction materials for both the structure and insulating frames.

Presentation of the site

The proposed site is a municipal market located on a 1,880 sqm plot in the popular district of Usera and enjoying a good connectivity by public transportation. Bidders should make proposals including the revitalization of the market on ground floor and the development of new uses in the rest of the site, with expectations for innovative activities, social economy and local development.

The proposed site is a local market located on a plot of 1,880 m2 in the Orcasur neighbourhood, in the Usera district.

Situated in the south of the municipality, in the inner metropolitan ring of Madrid and well connected by public transport. It is a highly vulnerable area listed as an “area of opportunity” in the Strategic Plan for the Urban Regeneration of Madrid, because of its potential for regeneration and transformation.

The object of the tender is the building of the market at the centre of Orcasur. Candidates may also opt to extend the proposal to the neighbouring building, which is owned by the Ayuntamiento de Madrid (City Council of Madrid) and is currently part-occupied by neighborhood associations.

Candidates must propose a project that includes the regeneration of the market on the ground floor, new activities can be introduced on the other floors. The redesign will involve the relocation of the main entrance of the market, which will be accessed through Plaza del Pueblo, allowing activities to extend into the plaza and revitalizing this public space.

The main goal is essentially environmental and social: it is to create facilities that benefit the district population, integrating Orcasur locals, generating new job opportunities, and supporting local entrepreneurship, social enterprise and solidarity.

An innovative idea is sought for the transformation and social regeneration of this vulnerable neighbourhood.


Expected program
The city of Madrid expects to receive proposals that keep the traditional market on the ground floor, while proposing complementary activities on the upper floors, in order to regenerate this place that plays such an important role in community life.

Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Plot area
1,880 m2 (A), plus 2,300 m2 of optional space (C). 

Type of property transfer intended
Concession, with maximum term of 25 years that can be extended to 50 if it includes the performance of construction work in addition to service management.
plaza orcasur
Madrid Spain