Ex Macello

Milan, Italy

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Winning project: ARIA
Team representative: Redo Sgr Spa – società benefit
Architect(s): Snøhetta Oslo AS, Barreca & La Varra, Cino Zucchi Architetti s.r.l., Stantec S.p.A., Chapman Taylor Architetti S.r.l.
Environmental Expert(s): Stantec S.p.A.

Others: Consorzio Cooperative Lavoratori, Delta Ecopolis SOC. COOP, CA Student Living UK Holdings Limited, Fondazione Housing Sociale, IED Istituto Europeo Di Design SPA, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, prof. Ing. Marco Filippi, Deloitte Financial Advisory S.R.L., E.ON Business Solutions S.R.L., MOBILITYINCHAIN SRL, LAMA Development and Cooperation Agency Soc.Coop., Planet Idea S.r.l., MPARTNER SRL, PNAT SRL, Cresme Ricerche S.p.A., Mare Food Lab srl, Associazione Giacimenti Urbani, TheFabLab srl, Associazione Festival della Scienza, Eatour srl, Sub Divo S.r.l, GaiaGo Sri, Electreon Wireless LTD, ènostra, LifeGate Consulting and Media Spa, Fondazione Don Gino Rigoldi onlus, Associazione Amici di Edoardo ONLUS, Museo AcomeAmbiente (MAcA), Istituti Scolastici di zona, Parrocchia San Pio V e Santa Marinia di Calvairate, So.Ge.Mi, A2A, Amsa, Quattro.

Through its diverse culture, creativity and solidarity with the environment, ARIA immerses its citizens in a variety of lifestyles that boasts workplaces, sites for the production and use of services: sustainable living based on inclusive and innovative experiences of cohabitation and collaborative temporary uses.

Thanks to the new IED international campus, the POD science district is dedicated to the dissemination of future eco-friendly technologies, and the intelligent management of open spaces. The renovation of the historic buildings preserves the cultural and historical heritage and goes well beyond the requirements of the Sovrintendenza. Not only this, but the development of Aria helps to promote a more circular built environment and economy.

Aria is a new neighborhood, alive, full of activities and exploring new ways of learning, having fun, growing up, living, and working. It will be one of the biggest affordable housing interventions of the new millennium. The project will be the first Carbon Negative Area in Milan thanks to the Ectogrid energy district and the  photovoltaic energy of the Renewable Energy Communities. Aria will certify the buildings as LEED Gold, and the masterplan as LEED for Cities & Communities. 

The role of plants will reduce environmental impacts thanks to parks, green yards, vegetable gardens, facades and thanks to the Air Factory, will purify indoor environments, filtering atmospheric contaminants.

Key components & solutions 

  • Aria will be the first carbon-negative building in Milan by means of 100% renewable energy (30,000 square metres of photovoltaic on roofs), efficient electrical and thermal design, promotion of carbon-friendly mobility and green spaces. 

  • Over 1000 affordable housing. apartments all for sale and rent, the rent for 60sqm will be around €500/month and the sale for €2500/smq.

  • The project, includes 50,000sqm of pedestrian space and 30,000sqm of green space and brings 3,000 new residents to the area and is expected to create 30,000 new jobs.

  • The carbon footprint is 52% lower compared to that of Business As Usual construction projects.

  • It follows the LEED standard and at least 30% of all materials used in construction will come from recycled sources. 

  • 50% of landfill waste is redirected to recycling stations.

  • The reuse of groundwater from the Borgognone river overall reduces the water consumption per inhabitant by 30%.

Discover more about the project here.

Presentation of the site

The Ex Macello site is a disused area spanning around 15 hectares, the site of the communal slaughter house and of the poultry and rabbit market in the real estate compendium of the Milan wholesale market. Situated in the south-east district  of the city, in the district of Calvairate in Municipality 4, the area is a stone’s throw away from the Milan Porta Vittoria station, which is served by the suburban lines that link the metropolitan area to the city centre through the railway link. This enables the business centre of Porta Nuova and Repubblica to be reached in a few minutes, as with the Rogoredo station, which is served by high-speed trains, and the Forlanini station, linked to Linate airport by the M4. The Milan 2030 Plan identifies one of the “Piani Attuativi Obbligatori” (obligatory implementation plans) on site, one of the areas in which is provided a specific town planning regulation aimed at managing the regeneration of the areas. It provides a mix of urban functions including social housing at accessible prices.

More information on the site here.


Expected plan
Regenerating a degraded area by maximising urban and environmental quality, and social and operational mix including social housing,  in synergy with the context.

Municipality of Milan

Site surface area
The site occupies a surface area of approx.148,371 square metres.

Type of transfer anticipated
Surface rights, including related building rights, with indication of a minimum price set by the owner.
Viale Molise
Milan Italy