Barrio del Aeropuerto

Madrid, Spain

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Winning project: Petit Village
Team representative: LOCARE RE - TECTUM
Environmental expert(s): Ineria Management SL, Eficiona Consultores Energéticos SL
Architect (s): Agvar

Petit Village commits to providing the Community of Madrid with a quality and sustainable affordable housing stock, proposing a resilient architecture based on a collaborative economy approach, with spaces adapted to people needs and a flexible construction system, inspired by the circular economy.

The building is integrated into the Barajas neighborhood, proposing a new green ring that connects to the surroundings, to create an attractive ecosystem for change and a transformative building for the neighborhood. A disruptive project with magnetic activity and a driving force for the change of models of living, a building with private and community spaces, open streets, suspended orchards and vertical gardens.

The program includes 73 affordable rental houses, 25 tourist apartments and a co-working area complemented by a cafeteria and / or proximity stores, laundry and other services. A housing mix valid for both stable and temporary options. A building that aspires to low consumption, seeking zero energy balance, with a carbon-free construction and a wooden building structure, passive architecture and efficient facilities.

Key Components & Solutions

  • 100% of all CO2 emissions are expected to be sequestered over the lifespan of the project by means of renewable energy, centralized and efficient climate control systems, low carbon building methods and co-sharing community benefits

  • Almost 80% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the Business As Usual models.

  • Utilizes symbiotic ecosystem principles through co-sharing of residential, office and leisure spaces

  • Daylight, wind direction and climate control measures are maximized during the architectural design phase to reduce energy demand

  • The design includes green elements, such as the creation of a facade of vertical gardens covered in urban orchards and gardens. The building aims to create a green belt around the entire neighborhood surrounding the airport. 

Presentation of the site

The area is located in the Barrio del Aeropuerto (Airport Neighborhood), district of Barajas, to the north-east of the city of Madrid, next to Madrid Barajas-Adolfo Suárez Airport. It is an area built in the 1960s, which over time and with the construction of the Airport has been isolated from the city, surrounded by infrastructure and industrial buildings.

More information on the site here.


Expected program
A hybrid building with a residential program of officially protected housing for rent, with multi-purpose spaces that promote communal living, and the introduction of uses of economic activity on the ground and first floor that dynamise the public space.

Site’s Owner
Madrid City Council

Plot area
1,843 m2

Current occupancy and limitations on the release of transfer rights
The plot is within an implementation unit that is being obtained through an expropriation process, with an approved expropriation project. It is expected to be obtained during 2020, so the plot will be available during the course of 2021.

Type of property transfer intended
Contract for the exploitation of assets and property rights of the Law on Property of Public Administrations (LPAP), and its General Regulations (RGLAP) or legal business provided for in the above should the asset be related to a public use or service, in line with the urban classification of the land and economic conditions of the exploitation.

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Calle de Medina de Pomar
Madrid Spain