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Winning project: HiLife
Team representative: Citylogin Ibérica S.L. - Grupo FM Logistic
Environmental expert(s): Great Ecology
Architect (s): Grupo CIVIX
Others: reBive, Energy Flow Concept

FM Logistic Group, through CITYlogin, will develop a next-generation cross-docking platform in La Atalayuela to facilitate sustainable urban distribution. The proposal includes an infrastructure within a sustainable park, promoting a balance between business activity, society and the environment.

The project consists of two buildings for green urban logistics. The first will have large cross-docking spaces, and the second will be used for a parcel sorter. All buildings with LEED-certified architecture. Hi Life is committed to improving social integration and sustainability through the creation of a nursery school and hydrogen generation plant. In addition, a solar array spanning almost 13,000 square meter will be located across the roof surface area of both buildings. The hydrogen generated will be used to power CITYlogin vans and forklifts for the micro logistics hub and other third parties. 

Key Components and Solutions

  • Hi-Life’s 13,300 square meter of solar panels generate 2,500 MWh/yr of renewable electricity, the excess (2000 MW/yr) is supplied to the surrounding neighborhood

  • A cross-docking platform of 17,600 square meters incorporates an annual Hydrogen production of 29,400 kg/yr to power a fleet of vans and forklifts.

  • 70% of all construction materials come from recycled sources. Prefabricated and dismantlable components and materials are included in 80% of the structure and 50% of the indoor components. PVC use is minimized by 70% and replaced by other low carbon materials.

  • At least 50% of all excavated materials are used in building foundations.

  • There are 9,000 square meters of green garden areas. 

  • 8,000 square meters of water friendly plant coverage saves 33,000 m3/ yr of water. HiLife is able to reuse 5,300 m3/yr of water using a combination of rain collectors, Waterwise appliances and grey water reuse.

Presentation of the site

The area consists of two plots of the La Atalayuela estate, in the district of Vallecas Villa, to the south-east of the city of Madrid. It is an area intended for industrial or service-industrial use created to foster the implementation of new productive activities, promoting the channelling of innovative business projects with mixed uses of support that is in an incipient phase of development.

More information on the site here.


Expected program
The economic activity hub could focus on proposals that combine urban logistics with other activities that, in synergy with the “Vallecas Industrial Factory”, can represent a high level of innovation. 

The tenderers may make joint proposals for both areas or focus on a single one. 

Site’s Owner
Madrid City Council 

Site surface area
The surface area of plot A is 16,053 m2 and that of plot B is 17,901 m2.

Type of planned transfer of ownership
Contract for the expliotation of assets and property rights of the Law on Property of Public Administrations (LPAP), and its General Regulations (RGLAP) or legal business provided for in the above should the asset be related to a public use or service, in line with the urban classification of the land and economic conditions of the exploitation.
Vallecas Spain