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The proposed site for transformation is located within the north-west of Bologna, about 3km from the city centre. It consists of areas that have served various purposes over time, including housing and railway infrastructure.

The new Metropolitan Railway System (SFM) stop in Prati di Caprara, which is being built right inside the compendium, is the catalyst for the area's development and will serve as an important mobility hub for Bologna, as well as an important urban cycle and pedestrian link. As a result, the project must take into account existing railway infrastructure to propose solutions aimed at urban regeneration as well as maintaining a physical and functional link between the areas to the north and south of the sector. 

Valuable elements for the competition area, is its proximity to the former military areas of Prati di Caprara, which are undergoing an important process of re-naturalisation, and its belonging to the broader urban regeneration programme called "City of Knowledge", connecting the main research and innovation poles with the areas undergoing transformation. The expectation of the city lies mainly in the combination of services to be implemented; research and development activities will be able to coexist with areas dedicated to social and cultural innovation. 

Furthermore, the presence of two important service-providing locations (the UniBo Lazzaretto campus to the north and the Ospedale Maggiore to the south) makes it feasible to provide significant housing and additional personal and sports services geared towards the world of universities, research, and health. By proposing this site, the city hopes to create a central urban hub that can serve as a model for the city's future development in terms of innovation, sustainable mobility, and climate change adaptation.

Expected Land Use

A maximum of 46,000 sq m of gross floor area is planned, with a functional mix that enhances the area and complies with urban planning, such as offices, commercial, accommodation and residential buildings. Temporary uses can also be used to integrate and develop managerial functions (e.g. services, coworking activities, spaces for the development of cultural and creative industries and, linked to well-being and Industry 4.0 such as bio-tech research activities, wellbeing, life-science, manufacturing). Residential functions (private or collective) can be included, with at least 30% ERS (social housing). The design should be compatible with the new SFM stop whilst also taking into account railway constraints.

Type of Property transfer intended

The proposed property will be purchased and sold in both its de facto and de jure states, with all applicable building rights, for a base value that is currently being verified and will be disclosed during phase 2 of the competition.

It should be noted that a portion of the areas to be sold is currently occupied and will be vacated with the relocation of the activities currently underway by RFI. A further portion is occupied by private residences which are in the process of being vacated.


Plot Area: Overall area of the site is approximately 93,800 sq m (approximately 24,400 sq m to the north of the railway and approximately 69,400 sq m to the south).

Site Ownership:
 FS Sistemi Urbani S.r.l., Trenitalia S.p.A., Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A.

Deadline for the submission of Phase 2: 2 April 2024, 2pm (local time Bologna)


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Via Burgatti - Via del Chiù - Via della Volta
Bologna Italy