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Bologna, Italy


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Check out the finalists for Ravone-Prati here!

The City of Bologna and C40 Cities have shortlisted the following finalists to compete in the final phase of the competition for the site in Bologna, Ravone-Prati. The press release can be found here!

Please note that this list does not include all team members.

Team Name: Green Soul – dall’abitare al vivere
Team representative: Nhood Services Italy SpA
Designer: Arup Italia Srl
Environmental expert: Dipartimento di Energia – Politecnico di Milano

Team Name: AREP – AREP Architects – Dipartimento di Architettura UNIBO
Team representative: AREP
Designer: AREP Architectes
Environmental expert: AREP

Team Name: Porta della conoscenza
Team representative: NOMISMA Società di Studi Economici S.p.A.
Designer: PERFORMA Architettura+Urbanistica
Environmental expert: AIRIS S.r.l.

Team Name: Globo
Team representative: Rimond S.r.l.
Designer: NET Engineering S.r.l.
Environmental expert: MANENS - TIFS S.p.A.

Team Name: Passaggi
Team representative: Archliving S.r.l.
Designer: Sergison Bates Architects, Stantec S.p.A., Archiliving S.r.l.
Environmental expert: Stantec S.p.A., RWDI EUROPE S.r.l.