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The Bovisasca site is located in Zone 9 within the Municipality of Milan. The Bovisa FNM station, a railway junction between the centre of Milan and the north of the metropolitan area is a few minutes walk away.

The reference context is characterised by areas of environmental regeneration, where regeneration of buildings and open spaces, as well as urban forestation are planned, aimed at improving the environmental conditions of production sites and creating ecological connections.The interchange hub and surrounding areas of the station are part of the MoLeCoLa regeneration project, the winner of the second Reinventing Cities competition, which anticipates the construction of public areas closely linked to transportation infrastructure, capable of connecting areas of the city that are currently separated by tracks. The project includes the extension of the tram 2 route beyond the railway tracks, in accordance with the provisions of the PGT. The redevelopment of the Bovisa-Goccia-Villapizzone area, west of the station. The latter represents one of the most important urban transformations underway in the Milanese territory: new functions for public services and private functions of strategic interest are planned, as well as the expansion of the university campus and new research institutes, the consolidation of existing green areas and new connections with Villapizzone and the F. Verga park. In the vicinity of the Bovisasca site there are also cultural facilities as well as the new offices for Milan City Council.

The project's goal is to transform the area through the inclusion of public services such as Social Housing Quotas, green areas, and citizen services, activating the ground floor levels of new buildings and stimulating a social and functional mix, and proposing collective engines of greener and more sustainable living, in line with PGT's strategies for responding to the growing demand for housing by experimenting with new social housing models.

Expected Land Use
The growth of the area is expected to be linked to the transformation of the adjacent plot affected by the MoLeCoLa project. ERS units at affordable prices with additional features such as green areas and associated services that promote social inclusion and a more sustainable lifestyle. The use of offsite technologies will also be credited.

Type of property transfer intended
Surface rights with an indication of a minimum price set by the property. Depending on the proposal, it will be possible to transfer further building rights, owned by the Municipality of Milan, in accordance with the procedures set out in the PGT.


Plot Area: The site has a surface area of approximately 1,800 square metres, spread over a regular rectangular area, which is only partially built upon.

Site Ownership:
Municipality of Milan.

Deadline for submitting the expression of interest:
 17 October 2022 at 14:00 CET


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Via Bovisasca 23,
Milan Italy