20 - 22 March, 2023

Forum of Living | A New Strategy For The Home

Milan, Italy


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'A New Strategy For The Home' was showcased during the three-day Forum of Living event, which took place in Milan from March 20–22. Learn more about the event here!

At the Forum of Living, Forum dell'Abitare, deputy mayor Pierfrancesco Maran presented the new document 'A New Strategy For The Home' which details strategies for developing affordable housing and how the new edition of Reinventing Cities, Reinventing Home is a key tool. Click here to catch-up on the recording!

Reinventing Home
Reinventing Home, is a new edition of Reinventing Cities Milan and is currently in progress. It aims to create and experiment with new social housing models, promoting sustainable rent and solutions that include an effective functional and housing mix, enabling inclusion in contexts undergoing urban and social transformation, with services, spaces and activities that respond to needs of the community, with active ground floors, through the inclusion of cultural and meeting spaces, in order to promote social inclusion and offer new job opportunities. The initiative will aim to provide 500 dwellings in total.

6 areas in 5 municipalities were identified by the City of Milan, one of which is in collaboration with ALER Milano. Click here to learn more about the sites!