Cape Town Meet-up

14 February 2020 9.00 - 10.30am Civic Centre 12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town


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Join the information session hosted by the City of Cape Town to learn more about the C40 Reinventing Cities competition, the four sites in Cape Town and the City’s commitment to innovative and sustainable urban development.

You can find here the presentations delivered during the Cape Town Meet up event (14/02/2020):
Overview of Cape Town’s four sites  
Cape Town’s commitment to climate action: Transforming the city through climate smart development 
C40 Reinventing Cities Competition 


• Opening and welcome
• Context – Cape Town’s commitment to climate action: transforming the city through climate smart development
• Reinventing Cities competition overview
• Overview of Cape Town’s four sites
• Question-and-Answer session

Banqueting Hall, 5th Floor, Podium Block, Civic Centre,  12 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town

Interested parties will have an opportunity to learn more, and ask questions about the City’s expectations for development proposals for these sites that are located in Transit-Accessible Precincts in Athlone, Mitchells Plain, Diep River, and Goodwood.

The City is looking forward to receiving proposals that demonstrate sustainable, climate resilient and carbon-neutral development and innovative design principles for the portfolio of sites. Please see the list on the right of this page for more detailed information on each site.

You can find the invitation here


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