Friday 10th March '23

Campus for Living Cities | Update

Madrid, Spain


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Check out updates on the Reinventing Cites Madrid site 'Campus for Living Cities' here!

The Polytechnic University of Madrid's South Campus transformation project, Campus for Living Cities, is already underway. On Friday 3rd March, the initiative to build the new student residence was presented, a project "of all and for all: students, teachers and administration and services staff (PAS) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid".

Campus for Living Cities’ goal is to boost the South Campus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid by making it a key research centre for urban ecology and biodiversity conservation, and for technological innovations to improve energy efficiency and sustainability. The project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the university and local companies that facilitate entrepreneurship, dissemination of knowledge and commitment towards global sustainable development goals. It aims to enhance campus life and create connections to the local neighbourhood to enrich a diverse ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about this project!