Plaza de Mercado Siete de Agosto

Bogotá, Colombia

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Winning team: Eco-Barrio 7 de Agosto
Team members:
Tessa Harries, Inge Leonora Baak, Katherine Alyssa Huang - University of Geneva
Gabriela Castro Ortega, Angie Melissa Castillo Surez - Universidad de Los Andes
Advisor(s): Armelle Choplin, Raphaël Languillon, Eloïse Pelaud

The Eco-Barrio 7 de Agosto interventions reorganize a challenging market area.  The project consists of a massive outdoor leisure space, installed by the community Cash-for-Work program. It includes environmentally friendly elements throughout the proposed designs such as bike racks made of recycled automotive parts, outdoor mini libraries where street vendors and children are reading. 

The team also promotes the creation of new green and cultural spaces through the development of productive eco-housing complexes, utilizing existing vertical space and Colombian models; rooftop solar panels and solar panel-lit sidewalks; meticulous study of waste management innovative solutions; creation of pocket parks and green areas through community planting programs. A highly inclusive and positive project for the city with ideas that can be replicated in other districts. 

Key components

  • Waste management infrastructure consisting of semi-underground dumpsters for collecting individual trash and large residential or mercado vendor trash bags, minimizing spatial and olfactory pollution. 

  • Organic waste for composting will be done by partnering with La Union Temporal de Residuos Verdes and UNU-FLORES to design and implement a composting program based on experience from previous projects. 

  • Under the solar energy Under incentive, energy suppliers will buy any excess electricity the solar panels produce and pump it into the energy grid.

Learn more about the project in the project presentation.

Presentation of the site

Plaza de Mercado del 7 de Agosto is located at the intersection between Carrera 24 and Calle 68, in the heart of the Barrios Unidos locality, in the Unidad de Planeamiento Zonal (Zonal Planning Unit, UPZ) of Alcázares. Although this space helps drive the local economy, the consolidation and growth of activities in the market square have posed several challenges that require innovative, interdisciplinary solutions. Hence, in this competition, we require approaches that go beyond emissions reduction, waste management and sustainable mobility.

The city wishes to address issues associated with mobility, accessibility and pollution in this area of Barrios Unidos, as part of the Climate Action Plan framework proposed by the city and the Barrios Vitales (Vital Neighbourhoods) project aimed at reviving urban activity at neighbourhood level.

Currently, pavements in the area surrounding the square are overrun by road parking and informal trade, roads are in poor condition due to the passing of heavy load vehicles, inhabitants have begun to abandon houses, refuse is accumulating on the streets due to inadequate waste management, and noise pollution affects pedestrians and residents, among many other problems. All these circumstances are affecting the perceived safety and comfort of the market square and its surroundings, diminishing the living conditions of local visitors and residents.

These issues are typical of most market squares in the city of Bogotá: Plaza de Mercado del 7 de Agosto is not the only one affected. Therefore, understanding and analysing the opportunities presented by this type of urban scenario - and proposing relevant solutions - may result in significant learning about how the city of Bogota can redevelop other market squares or areas affected by similar problems.

Approx site area
12.2 hectares

There are 90,000 inhabitants in the UPZ. The locality has one of the oldest populations, with an average age of 45 years. The unemployment rate is 6.8%. The average household income is 26% higher than the rest of the city.


Special Mention(s)

Team: Semillero de movilidad y espacio público

Team members: 

Daniel Camilo Duque Arévalo, Laura Andrea Sandoval Laiton, Maria Mercedes Gaona Cuervo, Laura Juliana Carreño Gonzales, Juan David Olave Achury, Daniela Gómez Valbuena, Natalia Aldana Muñoz, Laura Natalia Amado Ospina, Maria Fernanda Basante Lara, María Elena Ramírez Naranjo - Universidad Piloto de Colombia

Team: AHF Arquitectos

Team members: 

Ana María Soto Chávez - Politecnico di Torino

Felipe Pupo Hernández, Hanna Daniela Mojica Rodríguez - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

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Jury Composition / Composición del jurado

  • Ilan Cuperstein, Director adjunto de C40 para América Latina
  • Carlos Moreno, Profesor Asociado y Director Científico de -Emprendimiento, Territorio, Innovación- Universidad Paris1 Panthéon Sorbonne - IAE de Paris
  • Alex Jimenez, Asociado de Arup - Experto en Planificación y Diseño Urbano
  • Carlos Felipe Pardo, Asesor Senior en NUMO
  • Sarah Arboleda, Asesora de Despacho de la Secretaría Distrital de Ambiente

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Plaza de Mercado 7 de Agosto
Bogota Colombia