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Milan, Italy

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The proposed site is located in the south-east quadrant of the city and can be accessed via three Metro Line 3 stations, which connect it to the city centre from Rogoredo railway station.

The area is accessible for private transport through direct connections to the motorway and the primary urban road system. The surrounding area is characterised by a social mix, dense residential housing, and a significant portion of public housing. Recently, a series of interventions have been implemented: the new seat of the Municipality of Milan; functional reconversions of abandoned buildings; redevelopments of public spaces including Piazza San Luigi, Piazza Angilberto II, Piazzale Ferrara and the streets surrounding the municipal office building. The Porta Romana abandoned railway yard, which will house the Olympic Village in 2026, is another interesting area undergoing change in the area further to the north-west of the city centre. It is part of the regeneration process that began in the previous decade and features significant functional reconversions that create a new urban polarity. 

The City of Milan’s Urban Plan (P.G.T. “Milano 2030”), with the vision outlined by the Planning Document, identifies the flyover area and the neighbourhood in which it is situated as "regeneration areas," recognising their potential to both revitalise the neighbourhood by putting public spaces in the centre and to change the structural dimension of the City by bringing the centre closer to the suburbs and the Southern Agricultural Park. For the purposes of the competition, the flyover must be reimagined in order to restore the urban fabric, reinforce the functional mix, remodel vehicular traffic, enhance bicycle and pedestrian mobility, reduce exposure to noise and air pollution, and introduce innovative climate adaptation solutions. 

What new areas and activities might be created if the flyover is redesigned by altering vehicle flow? How do public areas, links to the current road system, and green spaces in between change? A new ecological, social, and recreational infrastructure can be built to connect the Cassinis Park to the south with the Alessandrini Park to the north on a bigger metropolitan scale. “Reinventing Flyover Corvetto”, becomes an opportunity to reflect on new spatial and functional configurations within the framework of the 15-minute city.

Approx. site area

The project area involves approx. 65,000 sqm,  includes the flyover, as well as public spaces and connections to the existing road system.

Key Information

The site is surrounded by a condensed and concentrated urban fabric that includes areas undergoing transformation and is densely populated with more than 36,000 people who have very diverse socioeconomic profiles. There is also a high concentration of youth and foreigners.

Priority areas and main expectations

- reimagining the presence and role of the flyover to reconnect the urban fabric; 

- creating a green corridor that connects the main existing and future urban parks; 

- introducing new functions according to the 15-minute city model; 

- redeveloping public spaces and creating new meeting places; 

- extending the bicycle network; 

- rethinking the vehicular mobility system in terms of sustainability, as well as enhancing interchange systems.

The Team-up contact form is now available. Click here to connect and team-up with other participants who are interested in the same site/city. The contacts provided can be found here.
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Quartiere Corvetto
Milan Italy