Shiyezhou Island

Zhenjiang, China

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Shiyezhou Island is located in Shiye Town, west of Zhenjiang and is the fourth largest island in the Yangtze River.

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The area covers 1.2 square kilometres and has a total population of 14,400, with 5 administrative villages under its jurisdiction. Shiyezhou Island, also known as the ‘green island in the river’ and the ‘ecological island’’, has in total of 120 hectares of natural open parks and wetland landscapes. The Runyang Bridge is a large bridge that crosses the Yangtze River and spans Shiyezhou from north to south, providing the island with easy access to transportation. In recent years, Shiyezhou has successfully developed green industries such as recreational tourism, efficient modern agriculture, as well as health preservation. 

Looking ahead, Shiyezhou is striving towards carbon neutrality, which promotes the overall integration of climate change, ecological environmental protection, and high-quality agricultural and tourism development. In addition, Shiyezhou aims to improve the ecosystem's carbon sink capacity and create a "zero-carbon island" based on Shiyezhou's existing planning foundation and ecological civilization construction. Shiyezhou Island has been chosen as a site for this competition due to its potential to become a ‘carbon-neutral island’. The area identified is Shiyezhou Music Plaza, which is located north of the island. Students should consider innovative ideas and strategies to develop a zero-carbon island by focusing in particular on sustainable waste management, recycling, resource consumption, sustainable tourism as well as developing green energy infrastructure on

Approx. site area

7.2 hectares.

Key Information

Shiyezhou Island is a key component of the regional growth channel and has a total population of approximately 14,400. The selected site, Shiyezhou Music Plaza, is a vacant plot of land which was previously used as a venue for music festivals and the city aims to reimagine and transform the site.

Priority areas & main expectations

The project aims to advance Shiyezhou’s efforts in achieving a ‘carbon-neutral island’ by 2035. Students should consider strategies to improve energy infrastructure within the site in order for the island to become more self-sufficient through the provision of green energy. Proposals should also promote circular resource management and the development of sustainable and low-carbon tourism industry and agriculture, as well as promoting community development and a more sustainable lifestyle. The projects must also preserve natural resources and biodiversity of the island.

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Dantu District
212100 Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province China