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Winning Team: Fab For Future (FFF)
Team members: Federico De Angelis, Matteo Augenti, Mosè Colombi Manzi, Giorgia Cassia, Luca Forestiero, Vincenzo Cresi, Mariasole Facchi, Andrea Giunchedi & Davide Salvi - Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca, Politecnico di Milano & Università di Genova

Fab For Future’s “Fly Over, Live Under” focuses on the dualism between both the “over” and the “under” of this site; it considers redevelopment both for the square underneath and the flyover above, which are connected through walkways. 

1) “Fly Over” 

  • Redesigning roads in phased design (two-way flyover, roundabout, increasing bicycle paths with the goal of creating a completely pedestrianised tree-lined accessway.

2) “Live Under”

  • Transformation of the site into a  ‘Corvetto Superblock’ that is a network of connected spaces, rather than roads.

  • Creating a new multi-use building (co-working, restaurant, events space to attract people to the area 

  • High-density wooden panels to reduce noise pollutants 

  • Urban greening to create spaces such as community gardens, climbing, basketball courts, outdoor gyms

Community engagement was integral, with the team joining the community board “Rete Corvetto” and creating a focus group to gain input from a wide demographic of residents (between 21-80 years old). The team developed a questionnaire and success indicators to ask residents every 2 years as part of the proposal. 

Special Mention | Team Gray to Green

  • Team Members: Xi Wang, Qi Chen, Yuanyuan Tang & Xi Li | Politecnico di Milano
  • Faculty advisors: Prof. Sara Protasoni, Prof. Hope Ives Strode, Dr. Davide Montanari & Dr. Sara Anna Sapone | Politecnico di Milano
Special Mention | Team BE BRAVE
  • Team Members: Xinyu Zhao, Alessia Valenti, Andrea Tassi & Michelangelo Falco Da Pozzo - Politecnico di Milano
  • Faculty Advisors: Prof. Sara Protasoni & Prof. Hope Ives Strode | Politecnico di Milano
Special Mention | Team Corvetto Mending
  • Team Members: Benedetta Damiani, Micaela De Carlo & Weiyi Luo | Politecnico di Milano
  • Faculty Advisors: Prof. Sara Protasoni, Prof. Hope Ives Strode, Dr. Davide Montanari & Dr. Sara Anna Sapone | Politecnico di Milano
Special Mention | Team CABIN_Crew
  • Team Members: Giada Valsecchi, Benedetta Zucchi, Chiara Zocco, Emma Spinelli, Filippo Galasso, Gaia Santamaria, Manuela Gad El Sayed, Giuseppe Guiducci, Laura Sala, Sarah Bindiku, Sveva Rebaioli, Camilla Rigobello & Sara Dar Eisa | Politecnico di Milano

We would like to specially acknowledge universities that participated in the competition, including: Patras University, Catholic University of Milan, University of Geneva, Politecnico di Milano, University IUAV of Venezia, Sapienza University of Rome, Fundación Universidad de America & Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Find a comprehensive list of all recognising the efforts of all participating teams in the documentation tab!

The members of the jury that assess all submitted proposals are:
  • Bianca Russo, C40 - Zero Emission Area Senior Manager
  • Rosario Caffo, IKEA Group - Country Expansion Manager
  • Stefano Mondani, Comune di Milano, Direzione Mobilità
  • Ilaria Giuliani, Comune di Milano, Direzione Verde e Ambiente
  • Chiara De Grandi, AMAT - Agenzia Mobilità, Ambiente e Territorio
  • Pietro Guermandi, Comune di Milano, Direzione Rigenerazione Urbana (membro supplente)

The City of Milan’s Urban Plan (P.G.T. “Milano 2030”), with the vision outlined by the Planning Document, identifies the flyover area and the neighbourhood in which it is situated as "regeneration areas," recognising their potential to both revitalise the neighbourhood by putting public spaces in the centre and to change the structural dimension of the City by bringing the centre closer to the suburbs and the Southern Agricultural Park. For the purposes of the competition, the flyover must be reimagined in order to restore the urban fabric, reinforce the functional mix, remodel vehicular traffic, enhance bicycle and pedestrian mobility, reduce exposure to noise and air pollution, and introduce innovative climate adaptation solutions. 

What new areas and activities might be created if the flyover is redesigned by altering vehicle flow? How do public areas, links to the current road system, and green spaces in between change? A new ecological, social, and recreational infrastructure can be built to connect the Cassinis Park to the south with the Alessandrini Park to the north on a bigger metropolitan scale. “Reinventing Flyover Corvetto”, becomes an opportunity to reflect on new spatial and functional configurations within the framework of the 15-minute city.

Approx. site area

The project area involves approx. 65,000 sqm,  includes the flyover, as well as public spaces and connections to the existing road system.

Key Information

The site is surrounded by a condensed and concentrated urban fabric that includes areas undergoing transformation and is densely populated with more than 36,000 people who have very diverse socioeconomic profiles. There is also a high concentration of youth and foreigners.

Priority areas and main expectations

- reimagining the presence and role of the flyover to reconnect the urban fabric; 

- creating a green corridor that connects the main existing and future urban parks; 

- introducing new functions according to the 15-minute city model; 

- redeveloping public spaces and creating new meeting places; 

- extending the bicycle network; 

- rethinking the vehicular mobility system in terms of sustainability, as well as enhancing interchange systems.

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Quartiere Corvetto
Milan Italy