Brima Attouga Mini Stadium

Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Winning Team: NEAH Studio
Team members: Nicolás Pachón Venegas, Angélica Vargas, Heyver Rojas, Jhon Estiven Bolivar | Fundación Universidad de América - Bogotá
External Advisor: Daniel Estevez Parra, Architect

The winning proposal takes an ambitious approach to reimagine the Brima Attuoga Stadium into an accessible and green hub. By concentrating on the Bai Bureh Road axis, the proposal considers the following:

  • Building a sheltered stadium with Piezoelectric transducers producing renewable energy, and reducing urban heat island effect.
  • In-stadium green economy structures, such as a waste collection biomass transformation facility, e-bike parking, commercial stalls & urban greening. 

Special Mention / Runner-Up | Team OLYMPIA
  • Team members: James Ansumana, Hawanatu Secka, Murad Taqi, Alvin Emmanuel Kamara, Abdul Zaky Conteh, Fatimatu Bah & Ibrahim Bah - Limkokwing Univeristy Freetown Campus & Fourah Bay College
  • External Advisor: Aaron Okeoghene Onomake

Jury members that will assess also submitted proposals include: 
  • Dr. Joseph Sherman-Kamara, Academia Director of Economic Management | Njala University 
  • Manilius Garber, President | Sierra Leone Institution of Architects (SLIA)
  • Dunstan Sackey, Acting City Engineer | Freetown City Council
  • Modupe Williams, Urban Planning Expert | Freetown City Council
  • Mariama Whitmore, Senior Project Manager | Freetown City Council
  • Abel Onomake, Architect | IDEAS Limited-Architects/Engineers
  • Alice Kaumba, Senior Manager of Land Use Planning | C40 Cities 

Brima Attouga Mini Stadium is located in Freetown, between Ross Road, Cline Town, and Bai Bureh Road. The area is historically significant because it is the site of the original Granville Town, the second settlement of freed slaves in Freetown. Bai Bureh Road is one of two main roads linking the Central Business District (CBD) of Freetown to the east of the city. The proposed site was considered as it is based in the east of Freetown, an area that is typically overlooked for development. Additionally, the stadium is the only location in the east that is available for large public gatherings and sports events. 

With Freetown’s rapid population growth, there’s increasing pressure on the existing transport services and infrastructure. For instance, poorly-maintained and restricted roads as well as an increase in private and informal public transit operations have resulted in high levels of congestion, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution in the city. In addition to these, there are challenges with accessibility and connectivity, particularly for the most vulnerable as well as competitiveness regarding the usage of road space.

The site should address the lack of suitable and modern recreational facilities in the east end of Freetown and propose indoor multi-use spaces for recreational activities i.e. meeting rooms for youth as well as indoor sports facilities to enable nearby public schools to use during major school events. Proposals should integrate urban greening strategies and nature-based solutions for the site. Finally, proposals should include strategies to make the site more accessible for primary and secondary school children with accessibility needs. 

Students should also consider vertical structures to make good use of the limited land available and the historical nature of the Railway Museum and Old Fourah Bay College buildings, and consider how the project can complement these spaces.

Approx. site area

8080m2, with a football pitch of 90m x 45m, and the surrounding secondary access road.

Key Information

Eastern Freetown has two-thirds of the city’s population (over 500k) and Attouga is the only stadium in the area. Its diverse use ensures wide demographic usage.

Priority areas & main expectations

The key priorities for the site include:

  • Making the space more accessible, especially for vulnerable groups and people with disabilities.
  • Proposing measures to the secondary access road to enhance the space and reduce congestion. 
  • Introducing indoor multi-use, flexible and adaptable spaces for recreational activities, including temporary activities fit for changing community needs. 
  • Integrating urban greening strategies and nature-based solutions.

The Team-up contact form is now available. Click here to connect and team-up with other participants who are interested in the same site/city. The contacts provided can be found here.

Watch the recording of the Freetown Students Reinventing Cities Info Session with Mayor Aki-Sawyerr below!

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Bai Bureh Road / Cline Town
Freetown Sierra Leone