Muhammad Amin Camp, Jabal Al-Natheef

Amman, Jordan

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Located east of the centre of Amman, Jabal Al-Natheef stands as one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods.

Despite its central location, Jabal Al-Natheef faces impoverished conditions and is labelled as a "refugee settlement," an "unofficial camp," or simply "the Palestinian camp." Muhammad Amin Camp was first developed in 1948 with tent communities. Over the last 70 years, the camp has expanded to define the entire Jabal Al Natheef neighbourhood and hosts over 45,000 displaced peoples from Palestine, Iraq, Jordan and Syria. 

The site is marked by overpopulation, a lack of infrastructure, and narrow or sometimes non-existent streets, as there are a series of stairs rather than roads to parts of the area in the outside world. Remarkably, despite these challenges, there has been no disintegration of community ties or the cohesive community structure, which is a living embodiment of the power of resilience and solidarity in the face of the negative impacts of these challenges.

Approx. site area: 

The study focuses on the Muhammad Amin camp in Jabal Al-Natheef, covering an area of 82,254 m² within the 1,269,880 m² neighbourhood.

Key Information:

In 2020, the Department of Statistics estimated Jabal Al-Natheef's population at 45,263, and the camp at 5,884, with a density of 71,534.52 people/km²

Priority areas & main expectations:

The primary objective of this competition is to transform the area into a sustainable, inclusive, and thriving urban space. Proposed solutions should address the area’s challenges, whilst preserving the site’s unique identity, improving amenities, and fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility. This includes: 

  • Improve or install basic infrastructure services such as water, electricity, stormwater drainage, access roads, and street lighting. Ensure these measures also help integrate the area into its surroundings, and into the city itself. 

  • Construct or rehabilitate existing community facilities, including quality public space,  to enhance opportunities for social interaction and empower social networks.

  • Foster community identity, unity, and shared responsibility of community and public spaces. 

  • Enhance income-earning opportunities through training, workshops, and enrichment classes.

  • Develop a participatory planning approach to ensure community engagement throughout the design process.

  • Integrate climate-responsive measures to mitigate climate-associated risks, such as the urban heat island effect, flooding, and air or soil pollution. `

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Amman Jordan