Monday 20th February - Saturday 10th June

New York


The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) and the Mayor of New York teamed up with Minecraft Education and C40 for their annual Minecraft student build challenge.

The winners have been announced

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  • K5 Junior Division: Shining Stars, from Staten Island - an innovative solution using solar energy, stormwater drainage with oyster filtration, and features ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
  • 6th to 12th Grade Division: BLOCKHAMPTON, from Brooklyn - creating safe spaces for the community and celebrating NYC's cultural diversity. 

About the challenge

Students thought of innovative and sustainable solutions for their borough. The top teams from all five boroughs joined the Battle of the Boroughs, an esports smackdown at the Intrepid in New York City.

Round 1

Prompt: How can we create a safe, connected, resilient, and sustainable borough that moves NYC forward without leaving anyone behind?

Students entered into the New York Minecraft world where the mayor, borough presidents, and fellow New Yorkers guided them to learn more about their city’s history and ways they could improve it. 2000 students submitted 3 minute videos in Microsoft Flip in April. 50 teams were then selected by judges to move to round 2. 

Round 2

Top teams competed live in borough events during May 2023. A specific prompt was created for each borough to tackle local challenges. As many as 5 competition matches happened simultaneously. 50 winning students moved into the final round. 


After intense qualifying rounds, 50 students were selected to compete head-to-head in the live esports challenge, Battle of the Boroughs 2023. 

K-5 teams prompt: The new PlaNYC aims to reduce air pollution across our city & improve public health. Transport is a major source of air pollution. How can you create the next generation of bike lanes, improve bike access, & adjust transportation infrastructure so that every New Yorker can travel safely, efficiently, & sustainably around our city?

6-8 teams prompt: This is the city that never sleeps. What kind of spaces will encourage New Yorkers from across the city to connect with others outside their neighborhood? Parks? Museums? Food Courts? How can we ensure all New Yorkers are able to be connected equitably, safely, and sustainably to those spaces? Consider digital connections and physical transportation. Think about what services need to exist in a space for many people to keep them healthy.

Visit the NYCDOE website for full challenge details. 

New York