Tuesday 21st March 2023 - Tuesday 15th August 2023

Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires challenged students to design solutions for a city that looks to the future and adopts sustainable technologies and habits.

The winners have been announced

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  • Primary Level: Sixth of the 24 from Francisco Morazán School, see their design
  • Secondary Basic Cycle Level: Energy Movement from Spain Technical School, see their design
  • Secondary Orientated Cycle Level: 3ero Construcciones fom Luis A. Huergo Industrial Institute, see their design.

About the challenge 

The City of Buenos Aires was the first city in Latin America to participate in Schools Reinventing Cities. The Ministry of Education, Minecraft Education, C40 and Microsoft invited students to rethink Buenos Aires as a fairer, more equitable and sustainable city.
The challenge urged students to consider: 

How might we build Buenos Aires as a city that learns and looks to the future, adopting increasingly sustainable technologies and habits?

Within the game students visited iconic places - such as City Hall, the Obelisk, the Planetarium and the Matanza Riachuelo Basin - and proposed solutions to the socio-environmental issues that challenge residents. 

For more information, visit: buenosaires.gob.ar/ReinventandoBuenosAires   

Buenos Aires