3rd April - 29th May 2023

Quezon City


The Local Government of Quezon City partnered with Minecraft Education, C40, Microsoft, and the Schools Division Office of Quezon City, to bring an authentic real-world design challenge to all QC students and further engage our youth in developing the future of the city.

The winners have been announced!

Congratulations to winning teams: 

  • Old Balara Elementary School
  • Ateneo de Manila Junior High School
  • San Francisco High School

About the challenge

There is a great deal of work being done by Quezon City to consider and plan how it will be used in the future. Schools Reinventing Quezon City invited students to be actively involved in building context-based solutions that will enhance urban biodiversity, promote sustainable mobility, and improve public health. The challenge prompt students considered was:

How might we reinvent Quezon City with innovative solutions to create city roads that enhance urban biodiversity, promote sustainable mobility and improve public health?

The Local Government of Quezon City designated the City’s roads as the focus of the challenge. The challenge prompt focuses on roads because on-road transportation within Quezon city's boundaries accounts for 21% of the city's total GHG emissions. The emissions mainly came from diesel and petrol consumption of jeepneys, tricycles, and private vehicles. Most of the community currently use motor vehicles to move around the city.

Using Minecraft Education, students designed and built solutions feasible in Quezon City in relation to the following climate actions:

1. Expand green spaces and the green corridor network: How can you enhance urban biodiversity along the City’s roads?

2. Enhance sustainable mobility: How can you find solutions or innovations to improve connectivity and encourage more QCitizens to be able to use active transport?

3. Clean the air: How can you design or enhance the City’s transport options to create a cleaner environment and reduce air pollution?

Quezon City