19th February - 15th May 2024

Schools Reinventing Rotterdam


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The City of Rotterdam and IT Campus Rotterdam are seeking ideas from students for the rapidly developing Rijnhaven area.

You can learn more about the challenge, and register to participate, on the IT Campus Rotterdam 

The Challenge

Rotterdam is asking students for their ideas for climate adaptive urban development. Students are asked to build designs for the following prompt: 

How do we turn the Rijnhaven into an inspiring habitat with sustainable and climate-adaptive homes, partly floating on the water, green recreational areas and a school that provides environmentally conscious education?

Student should include in their design: 

  1. Durable and sustainable housing, which are able to deal with climate change. 

  1. Sustainable recreation area including green elements. 

  1. A school which educates sustainability including example projects 

About the site

The Rijnhaven is a city district currently undergoing a transformation; in the last decades, the neighbourhood has changed from an harbour area used by local sailors, to an entertainment district. This new Rotterdam Rijnhaven District is designed to be an expansion of the city center. 

The site students are challenged to build ideas for includes the complete area of water of the port, and 10m of the surround land in the quay area. This port area is transforming into a future city park with a city beach, 3,000 homes, large towers from 100 to 250 meters, new shops, restaurants and museums. The site is also important for  water collection and its ability to keep the surrounding areas of the city cool; so students need to think about how to make the area water safe. 

Learn more about the Rijnhaven: 

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