5th March - 5th April 2024

Schools Reinventing Hengelo


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You can learn more about participating in the challenge on the Hengelo City website.

The Challenge 

Students are challenged to redesign the Lange Wemen shopping area with the following prompt: 

How can we make Lange Wemen a nice, green, and safe place to live and shop?

Students are asked to consider the four topics below.

  1. How can we make Lange Wemen a nice place to live? We want to build a place where Hengelo residents want to live and where everyone feels at home and has contact with their neighbours. 

  1. How can we make Lange Wemen a nice place to shop? Think about how you can design the space so that it's fun and easy to run errands, shop and meet others. 

  1.  How can we make Lange Wemen a green place? This is not only to make the Lange Wemen more beautiful; by placing greenery you also build a nice place for animals to live. You can also give us ideas on how we should deal with the changing climate. For example, consider how rainwater can easily drain away to avoid flooding, or how greenery provides cooling in the summer.

  1. How can we make Lange Wemen a safe place? For example, think about how cars, cyclists and pedestrians can safely share space. What do the shrubs and trees do to the feeling of safety? Can people who have difficulty walking also walk around safely? Have you thought about the lighting?

About the site

The location in which students will be building is the Lange Wemen shopping area. This is currently where the Thiemsbrug shopping center and a parking garage are located, but this area is being completely redesigned to have shops with apartments above and residential houses. The redevelopment also wants to make space for greenery and water, with the Drienerbeek river returning as a feature of the landscape. Students are tasked to add their ideas to the first design of the site. 

The Minecraft world includes the first design of the Lange Wemen with the following four buildings: 

    • Building A will have shops on the ground floor and apartments on the floors above.
    • Building B will have a parking garage in the basement, shops on the ground floor and apartments on the floors above.
    • Building C will be apartments. 
    • Building D will house single-family homes.

If you have a question or would like more details on the Students Reinventing Cities competition, please use the form below. You will receive a response via email.

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