19th February - 12th April 2024

Schools Reinventing Den Bosch


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Datastad Den Bosch is challenging students to create solutions for a green and safe environment in the De Haren neighbourhood.

You can learn more about participating in the challenge on the Den Bosch City website

The Challenge 

Students are asked to: 

Design a sustainable environment that inspires young and older residents, and where greenery and innovation come together in an environment that is accessible to all. 

Students should consider in their designs:

Architecture: Think about creating three storey buildings which are in keeping with the surrounding area.

Inclusivity and safetyMake sure there are opportunities for everyone in the neighbourhood. 
    • Areas for activity: Design spaces to play that are free from traffic hazards, and encourage alternatives like walking, cycling, or using public transport. Parks offer more than greenery, think about having sports courts, walking trails, and cycling lanes encourage active lifestyles.
    • Hydration: Remember to include fountains for residents to refill bottles.
    • Accessible: Remember to have pathways accommodate strollers, wheelchairs, and the elderly. Consider spaces for people to rest and connect.
    • Cultural Exchange: Create spaces that foster a community that celebrates diversity.

Urban nature and resilience: Encourage biodiversity in the neighbourhood to enhance climate resilience. 
      • Biodiversity: Native plants can attract pollinators. Trees provide shade, while birdhouses and insect hotels invite biodiversity. Think about where residents can plant flowers, fruit and vegetables.  
      • Water safe: Think about ways to collect water have heavy rain so areas do not flood.
      • Cooling: Think about how to make streets cool during hot weather.

Minecraft construction environment map

About the site

  • The De Haren district is a neighborhood currently being renovated by the city; they are seeking sustainable ideas for this renovation from the younger generation. 

  • The Zayaz housing cooperative, which currently manages the houses, is working with architectural firm KAW and the municipality to on the rennovation of existing housing. 

  • Besides renovating homes, new construction is also coming to the neighbourhood. This new construction will replace existing homes, so creating higher density housing in these locations is one of the design challenges for the participants in the Minecraft challenge. 

  • There is also a lot of greenery in the neighbourhood. Here, too, participants may come up with new ideas to make these areas more accessible and inclusive for everyone. 

  • More elderly people live in this neighbourhood of Den Bosch, so it is important students designs take into account what is needed for them.


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