19th February 2024 - 5th June 2024

Schools Reinventing Almere


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Almere is encouraging its young people to be actively involved in shaping the city’s future for the yet-to-be-resurrected Hortus district.

You can learn more about participating in the challenge on the Almere Green Innovation Hub website 

The Challenge 

In Almere, there are big plans for the Hortus district to be a rejuvenated area for living, working and studying. During construction, Almere wants to put smart technologies to good use, ensure sustainable transport, clean energy, sufficient food and create a neighbourhood in which everyone feels welcome and connected. 

Students are asked to: 

Design ideas for living, working and studying in the future Hortus residential district. 

Students should consider in their designs:

    1. What will the houses and neighbourhoods look like? Where will the materials come from? Are there materials from the neighbourhood that can be used?
    2. How and where will businesses or facilities such as a supermarkets or a sports facilities be built? 
    3. How do people and goods move and are facilities accessible?
    4. What smart technology can be used in homes and buildings?
    5. How can houses and buildings be made energy efficient and even generate and store energy?
    6. How do you build future-proof with an eye for nature and climate?

The top entry from each education level will win a tour of the Hortus district, followed by a meeting and pitch session with the Green Innovation Hub Project Director and special guest.

About the site

The new Hortus residential area is located on islands created by re-excavating the dried marine clay soil for the elevation of the residential areas in Almere city. Many of the homes will be located directly on the Weerwater. The bus connections in the district are good and there are several train stations nearby.


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