8th November 2023 - 8th June 2024

New York City Battle of the Boroughs


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The 2024 Battle of the Boroughs Minecraft Challenge has begun!

Battle of the Boroughs is designed to engage young New Yorkers in shaping the future of their city. Building on the City’s PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done, and the Mayor’s Digital Gaming Initiative, student teams will compete to create the most inclusive future-ready city spaces. Learn how to participate on the NYCDOE 2024 Battle of the Boroughs Minecraft Challenge website.

Round 1: Schools Reinventing Kingsbridge Armory

  • November - March: Teams of up to five students can submit builds responding to the 2024 Minecraft Build Challenge Prompt. Selected teams will be contacted to participate in live events. 
  • Learn more about how to enter on the NYCDOE 2024 Battle of the Boroughs Minecraft Challenge website.


How can we repurpose New York City spaces to create a sustainable, inclusive, and future-ready city

What are your ideas to change the Kingsbridge Armory to benefit the community? 

Focus areas 

  • Community Gardens and Markets: We need access to healthy meals and places to learn about creating a healthy community.
  • Cultural Spaces: We need spaces to learn and connect to our history and culture. These can include art and museum spaces or areas for community cultural organizations to connect, grow, and share their history with the broader community. 
  • Community Centers: Whether after-school programs for youth and seniors, spaces for exercise, or places to connect - how can we make sure the space serves the full needs of the area’s families and communities?
  • Entrepreneurship: Local businesses and owners need space to create employment opportunities. Increasing opportunities for job training and career development can help the whole community to flourish. 


Round 2: Battle of the Boroughs

  • April - May: Selected teams accompanied by their advisors will compete in live, in-person esports Battles in their boroughs. 
  • Families and community members are invited to join and support!

Round 3: Mayor’s Cup Finals

  • June: Borough Champions accompanied by their advisors will compete for the citywide Mayor’s Cup alongside a Video Game Industry Education, Community & Careers Opportunities Expo featuring the chance to engage with industry professionals and community organizations.
  • Families and community members are invited to join and support!

If you have a question or would like more details on the Students Reinventing Cities competition, please use the form below. You will receive a response via email.

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