17th November 2023 - 21st March 2024

Level Up Los Angeles


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LAUSD's two-level Minecraft Education Esports Competition seeks solutions to the impacts of climate emergencies affecting Los Angeles.

Learn more about how to get involved on the Level Up Los Angeles website!

The Challenge

About Level 1: Schools Reinventing Los Angeles

All students are invited to participate in Level 1 by building a solution to climate change in the Level Up Los Angeles 2023-2024 world. They are tasked to craft a three-minute video showcasing their solution to tackle climate challenges that impact Los Angeles and submit their videos to be scored by a panel of judges. The top 4 teams from each region and league (Junior League - Elementary, Varsity League - Secondary) will qualify to advance to Level 2: Region Rumble.

About Level 2: Region Rumble

There will be eleven matches during Region Rumble. 

  • During the Playoffs, four teams from each region will compete against each other, eliminating two teams from each region. 
  • During the Semi-Finals, two teams from each region will compete for the finals, eliminating one team.
  • During the Finals, one team from each region will compete for the title of Level Up Los Angeles 2024 Champions! 

We can't wait to see your ideas! 


If you have a question or would like more details on the Students Reinventing Cities competition, please use the form below. You will receive a response via email.

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