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Team leader / Developpers: GSA - GLOBAL STUDENT ACCOMODATION


Environmental expert: ZERO-CONSULTING, ECOOO

TERCER SONIDO is an architectural prototype that demonstrates how construction can also be a positive tool for ecology. Tercer Sonido is a place that converges new ways of living, working, consuming and producing energy. The project represents the opportunity for a union between two urban patterns that appear disconnected today: the residential and industrial areas of Villaverde.

TERCER SONIDO is a place of cohabitation, formation and transmission of knowledge. It promotes attractive programs for young students (such us residences, a music factory, rehearsal rooms, and sports areas), as well as new services for neighbors and workers of the industrial area (canteen-stage, auditorium, food services, an organic store, etc.). The program is appealing to professionals of the music industry, aspiring to make musical expression more accessible to the wider public, sharing and amplifying the knowledge and creation with the neighborhood through mediation and broadcasting.

Thanks to a productive landscape, Tercer Sonido will renature the site in order to foster agro-ecology with local food production. The project will achieve energy self-sufficiency through clean energy solutions. Finally, the project has a strong circular economy approach regarding end-of-life of construction materials.

Key Components & Solutions

• Energy self-sufficiency will be achieved in part through low energy consumption, enabled by a bioclimatic structural design. Moreover, a solar photovoltaic installation will provide on-site energy.

• The project aims to limit the impacts of the end-of-life phase of the project in its entirety. 95% of the building materials will be designed to be reused for other construction purposes at the end-of-life of the building.

• Laboratorio Sur promotes biodiversity through allocating 45% of green space to the site's total surface area.

Presentation of the site

This 3,351 sqm unbuilt plot is located in the south of the City. It enjoys a good location next to a metro and regional railway station, and at the junction of the historical city and a large area of economic activities. The City expects a remarkable project with high environmental performance that will introduce new economic and cultural activities, and contribute to the productive regeneration of the Villaverde district.

The site, with an area of 3,351 m2, is located in the south of Madrid, adjacent to the roundabout that connects the residential area of Villaverde Alto and the extensive area of economic activity known as Polígono Industrial de Villaverde (Villaverde Industrial Estate). It benefits from a good situation next to a metro and regional railway station and the main entrance to a large area of economic activity listed as an “area of opportunity” in the Strategic Plan for the Urban Regeneration of Madrid. The general aim is to introduce new economic activities that will contribute to the productive regeneration of the Villaverde district.

The plot offers the opportunity to develop a new economic and cultural activity centre, including the possibility to propose a City of Sound dedicated to the production, recording, rehearsal and enjoyment of music. The project must promote urban integration with the nearby residential areas by being able to establish other land uses categorie which complement existing ones.

For the moment, there are plans to locate Factoría Industrial Vicálvaro in the vicinity, which will operate as a business incubator to stimulate employment and activate the regeneration of vacant plots in the industrial estate.

The aim is to diversify uses and create a high-quality environmental place capable of attracting research centres and innovative and competitive enterprises. It should promote Madrid as a centre of knowledge and achieve a distinctive mark from other areas of economic activity in the region.

It is also intended to create new employment opportunities, foster local entrepreneurship and create new urban services and facilities to benefit the population of the district.


Expected program
The goal is to diversify uses and create a place that can attract innovative and competitive enterprises, to foster local entrepreneurship, integrate social enterprise and generate new urban services and facilities to benefit the population of the district.
Among other things, the creation of a City of Sound, dedicated to the production, recording, rehearsal and enjoyment of music, may be considered (note that this is not mandatory, but it shall be favourably evaluated because its an indication of the municipal district board to promote a flourishing activity in the district )

Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid City Council).

Plot area
3,351 m2 (Plot A)
If the team sees fit, planning solutions or suggestions could be provided for Plot B, which is owned by the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, and for the plot adjacent to,Plot A, which extends to the railway station and is owned by the Spanish national train company, ADIF, with which the successful bidder would have to negotiate the property transfer.

Type of property transfer intended
Sale at price market by public tender, or Concession with specific clause regarding public services.
Avenida Real de Pinto
Madrid Spain