Scuderie de Montel

Milan, Italy

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Winning project : TEATRO DELLE TERME


Teatro delle Terme proposes a new urban park characterized by blue-green infrastructure. The former historic stables will be converted into a thermal activity centre.

The project is conceived in a harmonious way using thermal water springs present in the subsoil. The project aims to significantly reduce energy and water consumption thanks to on-site energy production through photovoltaics, solar thermal panels and creating a connection to the district heating network thus using waste-to-energy energy recovery.

The project provides a good management of construction materials, using insulating wood fiber and building with wooden frame structures.

Finally, the project will offset all its residual CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits. Teatro delle Terme will be an oasis of well-being and sustainability closely connected to water, earth, greenery, plants and food.

Key Components & Solutions

• On-site energy production is key to this project thanks to photovoltaic electricity generation on-site, solar thermal panels and connecting to the district heating network using waste-to-energy.

• The project also provides good management of building materials, especially using thermo-insulating wood fiber and wooden frame structures.

• Attention has been paid to offset the residual CO2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits on the voluntary market.

Presentation of the site

Steeped in history, this 1.6 ha site is part of the vibrant district of San Siro, strategically located north-west of Milan with a very good connection to the city Center. It includes two historical buildings to renovate and valorize. New activities can be developed connecting to the dynamic of the area, where sports, entertainment and green spaces prevail.

Scuderie de Montel is a strategic site located west of Milan, next to San Siro Stadium. Only 1 km away from the MM5 station, it is well connected to development areas such as Portello, City Life and Porta Nuova.

San Siro is a suburban district characterized by a relevant presence of parks. It has a high proportion of green areas and facilities for sport, leisure and music events, such as the Stadium, the Lido and the Hippodrome.

The site has an historical relevance. It is partially occupied by two historical buildings on a courtyard, originally used for horse training and competitions. TheScuderieare one of the most important examples of Liberty-style complex from the early 20th century in Milan, with art and style details still visible despite the buildings being in  state of degradation.

When renovating the complex, proposals should consider that any change has to be authorized by the Superintendence for Fine Arts.

The site offers great opportunities as it is at the centre of important future urban developments, such as the regeneration projects in the area around the stadium, and the former barrack at Piazza d’Armi.

Sports, entertainment and green spaces are prevalent in the area, and it is important for bidders to include consideration of these elements in future scenarios for the site redevelopment.


Teammiup-local meetup platform 

Expected program

Renovation of existing buildings to restore the historical memory of the site is mandatory. Besides the development of qualifying public services creating synergies with existing green spaces, entertainment, and sport facilities, the Municipality will evaluate new urban functions for private uses. 

The Municipality of Milan.

Plot area
Approximately 16.257 sqm, including two buildings of approx. 3.000 sqm

Type of property transfer intended
The site will be on sale with a minimum price set by the owner. The site has no building rights, however, according to the proposals, building rights may be purchased from the Municipality following an administrative procedure.
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