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Winning project: CO-INVENTING DORIA
Team representative: RETE FRA INPRESE “B SMART”


Co-Inventing Doria wants to be a living manifesto of sustainable urban renovation, where private and public spaces interact, creating a friendly, resilient and sustainable environment for citizens and visitors.

The project is made of two cardinal elements: the carbon neutral hostel and the new green axis of Viale Doria. The hostel is made with an innovative envelope, the breathing wall, able to recover energy and to filter ventilation air, providing a highly comfortable indoor experience. The energy use of the building is minimized in its whole life cycle and renewable energy sources are widely exploited on site, enhancing the overall building performance.

Viale Doria is conceived as a multifunctional street, designed with a chronotropic approach where urban spaces evolve with time, following citizen’s needs. The street has a predominant pedestrian dimension, with wide spaces for vegetation and multiple ecosystemic services, including carbon capture and storage.

The hostel connects with the new green outdoor inviting young people to enter and walk down the wide staircase that slopes towards the green open courtyard. Altogether the project is conceived to engage citizens on sustainability, providing an interactive experience and educating to proactive sustainable behaviors.

Key Components & Solutions

• Co-Inventing Doria is an ambitious project made of a carbon-neutral hostel and the new green Viale Doria. It combines high performances and consistent solutions on all key environmental challenges.

• significant share of clean energy thanks to a photovoltaic rooftop of 22kW and a water-to-water heat pump of 300 kW.

• Modularity and flexibility of spaces and wide use of biosourced materials (wood, natural fibres)

• The building’s envelope is an innovating “breathing wall” that recover energy and filter air

• Many solutions to foster low-carbon mobility and pacified Viale Doria

• Several activities to encourage social cohesion and green lifestyle (Info data to educate residents, Plant finder, smart parking, 0km food..)

Presentation of the site

Doria is a 610 sqm empty plot currently used as car park. The site is located on one of the most dense and vibrant neighborhood of Milan and is perfectly connected to public transportation. The city expects for the development of this site a new construction and a new programme, including high quality amenities and pacification of the adjacent public space.

Doria is a small vacant lot of 610 mq and currently used as a parking lot, located just 3 km from Duomo at the north- eastern side of the city centre, in one of the most accessible area of Milan – and probably Italy.

The site has an incredibly strategic position. It is very well connected to all transport modes, close to Centrale railway station hub and 300 metres from the MM1 and MM2 underground line station Loreto. From the Doria site it takes no more than 10 minutes to get to Duomo or Porta Nuova, and to catch a train to go anywhere in Italy.

The neighborhood is among the busiest and densest in the city, next to Corso Buenos Aires, one of Milan’s most important commercial streets. It is characterised by a young population, and a high rate of residential buildings (71%), with bars, restaurants, shops, and public and private services at the ground floor.

The site today appears as a small urban void along viale Doria, the axis connecting Centrale Station to Loreto square. The site has the potential to become an attractive destination, particularly concerning public space.

As the City of Milan aims to provide better facilities for walking and cycling, as well as new green infrastructures in the area, the call for projects provides an opportunity to develop proposals able to refurbish the public space.


Teammiup-local meetup platform 

Expected program

Proposals with architectural and technological innovations aiming at greening, energy saving, and CO2 emissions cuts will be favoured. Proposals should include the re-design of the public space of via Doria, according to citizen’s expectations

The Municipality of Milan

Plot area
Approximately 610 sqm.

Type of property transfer intended
The site will be on sale with its building rights, with a minimum price set by the owner. According to the proposal, further rights may be purchased from the Municipality or achieved through incentives (i.e. social housing or energy efficiency).
Via Doria (54-56)
Milan Italie